Sunday, 27 April 2014

Just like Clockwork

Today's post is about a lovely little independent seller I've recently found on 
I love Etsy, so many unique and original sellers, so many different things to buy… which for someone with an online shopping problem, isn't always a good thing.
Yes, Etsy has those sellers where you think; 'ummm WTF is that?' but there are times when you come across a truly great seller. My Clockwork Castle is one of them. A couple weeks back she was advertising about a lucky dip of two items for only £5 from her clearance section. I obviously took advantage of this and snapped up the last lucky dip!

Here's what I got! I bought it on the Sunday and received it by the Wednesday, so pretty fast shipping for only £1.50. I am pretty pleased that what I got is a little set, just makes it even more worth the money. I'm currently wearing the necklace now, and have been for most of the week, it's an amazing quality too, none of this marking your neck from cheap chains stuff, which I've had a problem with before from certain Etsy sellers. 

All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase, who knew you could get your new favourite piece of jewellery for a fiver? She also has other amazing pieces, I've got my eye on the steampunk key necklace. Check out her pages here:

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Etsy -

Happy Monday everyone! xo.

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