Thursday, 24 April 2014

Birchbox April 2014

Beauty box time! I've been toying around with Love me beauty box lately, if any of you have had it, let me know how it is! 

This month was the 'good enough to eat' box.
This is the boxes contents this month, not a bad haul really! 

I have an obsession with lip colouring at the moment, so this one was a definite yes for me! It's so cute as well, I love the vintage country vibe of it. I got the apple 'pie' flavour and it's a perfect shade for my lips. Just dark enough to show but light enough to not make my face look as pale as some reds can. It's pretty long lasting too!

This was the actual part of the 'Good Enough to Eat' box that you could in fact eat! The spoilers showed a vanilla and coconut flavour, but most people were receiving fiery Worcestershire sauce flavour, so I'm not going to complain. These were my snack last week whilst watching Dexter (no spoilers, I'm only on season 3!) and were pretty yummy! At 39 calories a bag, you can't go wrong either.

Another foodie type product we received was the Yes to cucumber soothing facial towelletes. We received the travel sized pack, which is ten wipes. They're pretty nice, quite wet, which I find a good thing. Sometimes I get wipes that are so dry, they don't work at all! They get make up off quite well too, and they're great for sensitive skin.

Ahhhhh!!!! More body lotion!! I'm sick of it. If you like body lotion, this Laura Mercier bottle would be a great gift, it smelled lovely and had a real creamy texture that makes your skin very soft. I didn't use it more than the once, and ended up giving it to my nan at the weekend, along with the rest of my body lotion hoard I do not use.

We got to choose this product! There was a choice of four, and I do wish I'd gone for the green, but this ones pretty nice for a metallic nude colour. My only problem was that mine wasn't done up tight enough and had leaked all down the bottle when I opened it, but still. 

I also got another pencil eyeliner, which I probably won't use all too often as pencil liners tend to make me feel like I've gotten stuff in my eyes, plus they don't last long for me. 
Overall, I'm pleased with the box, except for the leaky varnish and the body lotion. Other people got stuff like shampoo, so I'd have preferred that, but hey ho, what you gonna do. I'll stick with Birchbox for now, but only if I stop getting body lotions!! 


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