Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What I ate Wednesday!

It's that time again! The day where the blogging world gets to nose at what everyone else has had for lunch :) aka one of my favourite posts of the week.. such a right foodie.

Ahh breakfast, my favourite meal of the day! Today I had my usual cinnamon porridge with a dollop of nutella, just as an experiment, couldn't really taste it but to be honest if I could I probably would have just wanted to take a spoon to the tub and eat the whole lot. I am in love. I had less fruit and more nuts in it today, so it actually does look like breakfast! 

I seem to be eating in bowls today.. It was my day off today, so I spent up til about 2pm doing uni work before I realised it was past lunch time! This was actually supposed to be my lunch for work yesterday, but it wouldn't fit in my bag with my gym stuff so I left it in the fridge and couldn't be bothered to make anything else today. Was just a simple chicken salad with vinaigrette and parmesan.

um yeah.. so this isn't the only chocolate I had today, I've had a pretty student-ish day today, just picking at things whilst studying and even I'd photographed every bit of easter egg I'd had today there'd be way too many. This is an almond ripple and a vanilla crisp cup from mine and my mums chocolates from my nan :)

To stick with my studenty day, I had a quick and easy spaghetti bolognese. I had it with normal bolognese sauce and just added some minced garlic and mixed herbs. Haven't had it in ages so it's all good :).

Pudding, which I am actually currently eating, was a banana and a maple and pecan plait with a glass of apple juice. I love pecans at the moment, but they're so expensive to buy on their own so I take them in whatever I can get. Plus, who doesn't love a pastry now and then?

How was everyone's Easter? I hope you were spoiled and had a great time. Feel free to link your WIAW's below! 

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