Thursday, 27 March 2014

What I ate Wednesday.. On Thursday

Ah my damn memory, I forgot to photograph anything yesterday so thought I'd give you last weeks WIAW considering I couldn't post due to computer issues and add it to a What I ate Thursday!

Last week's breakfast was pancakes with greek yoghurt, red currants, blueberries and strawberries with some syrup. I adore these banana pancakes, and literally could eat them everyday, but you apparently shouldn't have too many eggs in a week and considering these are two eggs per recipe, probably best to leave it at just a few times a week. Either way it was lovely!
This morning I actually had something completely different! I'm not usually a fan of porridge to be honest, but I added some cinnamon, a handful of mixed unsalted nuts and raisins and some red currants and blueberries and it was pretty great! So filling as well. 

Last week's lunch was homemade leek and potato soup with sweet chilli crackers a handful of grapes and an apple. I literally am addicted to making my own soups. Yesterday's soup was swede carrot and leek with thyme and coriander. They're so filling and so healthy! Makes me feel less guilty if I skip out on my run on a Wednesday.

Thursday is gym day with my personal trainer, so I always have something chicken related. Usually it's chicken with rice but seriously there's only so much chicken and rice one person can eat. This is with a vinaigrette dressing. 

One of my favourite meals lately is Nandos rubbed chicken with cous cous and salad. This is the lemon and herb Nandos spice packet with Aromatic Thai style cous cous. It's so filling and oh so healthy too! I realise it must look like I eat healthy like literally all the time, but trust me I don't, I tend to eat healthy meals and then snack.. everyone deserves a little binge day once in a while! 

As if to prove my theory above right, I had chicken and bacon pasta with garlic bread for dinner. Yeah it was like way over however many calories I usually have for dinner, but I'm 20, can't deny myself a nice carby dinner once in a while! Actually this was the first time in about 3 or 4 weeks I've not had pasta so it was deserving, especially after going up another 10kg on my squats and going up to a 105kg on the leg press! I always make my own creamy sauces, this one was done with light philidelphia, a little milk some garlic and chives and parsley added in.

I had pudding today and considering I'm out of my ski mousse's I had some strawberry blubbery and red currants with natural yoghurt and a little maple syrup (like a teeny bit I promise this looks like more than it is!)

Last week's snack was my homemade oatmeal cookies a few fruit buttons and a cup of Earl Grey (of course!). I'm addicted to these little oatmeal cookies and the chocolate ones tastes like a brownie! 

Anyways there's my WIAW's (sort of) I hope you enjoyed reading them! Feel free to post yours below, even if it's now nearly Friday I'd still like to read!

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