Saturday, 4 January 2014

Yin Yang Travel Care replacement

So I mentioned yesterday about the disappointment with my Yin Yang skincare samples in last month's Glossybox, considering it was 2 years out of date nearly. The emails back and forth were all very pleasant and the customer service was quite high which is always good to see! At least they were willing to compensate for their mistake. I think they sent out the package just before Christmas and it got here on the 28th, so pretty quick!

This is what I got. It's a travel kit of three different skincare products which can be found here on their website. It's only £4.99, so not the full sized product I was hoping for, but then again they can't send out everyone £20 bottles of moisturiser! The disappointing thing with this is that I now don't actually get to try the 'Rich Skin Food' that actually came with my Glossybox as it's not in here.

First of the three 10ml tubes is the Skin Cleanser which is £13 for the 250ml bottle.
I actually used this last night and although it doesn't say to use it on dry or wet skin I decided to go for dry and then rinsing off with a warm flannel. It made my face feel quite clean and refreshed which is always a good thing. It's supposed to exfoliate as well as cleanse but I didn't really feel the tingly feeling I usually get after exfoliators. That being said, it smells very nice, sort of flowery and a little bit does go a long way.

Next was the Natural Moisturiser also £13 but for only 50ml. I suppose you don't need very much as it's not the thickest of formulas and it again smelt quite flowery. It has made my face feel quite soft but it's also irritated a couple of spots that I was trying to avoid. Although my skin has been a bit fussy of late, so I can't completely blame the moisturiser. I'll have to give it another go.

Lastly is the Golden Defence body and face lotion, £16 for 200ml. It comes out really quickly and is a very runny formula, but it has my hands feel quite smooth. Also it smells a bit like marzipan! 

Although I was hoping for the Rich Skin Food sample, I am quite satisfied with this little travel pack and I may consider buying the cleanser in the future. 
Have you ever tried any of the YinYang range?

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