Sunday, 5 January 2014

December Favourites

Just jumping on the bandwagon of most of the other fashion bloggers out there and giving you all a peek at my December favourites. 

Had a bit of a haul last month, and they've quickly become some of the favourite products of the month. The shirt and leggings in particular are items I've worn countless times already! I couldn't find a link to the leggings online but they were £14.99 from H&M. I'm very pleased with the cami tops, they're slowly becoming my new go to tops for lounging around or base layers and they were both so cheap!
I was on the lookout for a small cross body bag just for my walk to nursery with Tayla in the week and this one is perfect for my gloves, purse, phone etc and was only £10!
The wrapped box was actually a Christmas present for my friend, I just featured it as it was pretty and also I love the actual gift. It's the Lush Lust perfume and is one of the nicest perfumes I have smelled, it stays on your clothes for ages as well so you barely need to spray any of it! 

This is the stock photo of both the face mask and the lord of misrule bath bomb. I've never tried the Cosmetic warrior mask before, it's supposed to be those who get quite a lot of spots and as my skin wasn't at it's best last month this was a great product for me. It's infused with garlic and honey and although it does smell a bit funky it works a treat! The Lord of misrule bath bomb is a new one from Lush and strangely it turns your bath purple! I did like it though and it didn't leave a stain which is always good. 

The no clumps mascara (as well as the smokey eye one featured in the Glossybox review for last month) is actually a really good one and at only £2.99 it's a great purchase! My all time favourite of the December buys was this cute little necklace from Accessorize. For something so dainty it's so detailed and well made, an excellent addition to my necklace collection!

What were some of your favourite December purchases? 

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