Monday, 6 January 2014


Again, I'm a bit late, but I just thought I'd share with you what I got from my lovely family for Christmas!

The beautiful wedge heels are from New Look and are so comfy! I've only worn them around the house on Christmas day but I can wear my black ones which are similar all night and they don't hurt at all. I love how despite the fact these are wedges they're so casual and can be worn with any outfit at anytime. 
The bag is also from New Look and is definitely my new little baby. I love it so so much and it's the perfect size to take out shopping, I'm doing a what's in my bag post tomorrow so keep an eye out! It can be carried by the small handle or used as a shoulder bag with the longer detachable strap (which I find easier). 
I knew I was getting these first two items as I ordered them with my Mum's card (at least I knew I'd like it!) but this necklace was such a surprise! It was from Tayla and it's a little envelope type necklace which says 'I Love you Mummy.' on the front and 'There's not a Mummy in the world more special than you.' on the inside! I love little keepsakes like this and it's so original and cute!

I did also get the usual Blu rays and chocolates (all of which I've had to finish over the weekend, wouldn't want to have to just throw them away once I start the gym, now would I?) including a lovely Marilyn Monroe movie box set from my friend which I am actually yet to watch! 
Did you get everything you'd asked dear old Santa Claus for? 

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