Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What I ate Wednesday #4

Been a bit of a boring day food wise, but there you go!


Just my usual cup of tea and granola, although I added a couple of strawberries as my trainer has tad me I need to add more fruit to my diet, especially at breakfast! I also had a Muller vitality drinking yoghurt, it's the summer multi-fruits one, that counts as more fruit right? Ah well even if not, they're yummy!


Okay bit of a random lunch here, but I hate thinking of what to have!
I had some cucumber sticks and honey and mustard dressing (would have had pepper usually as well but ours tasted a tad funny..), Jacob's multigrain chive crackers with some low fat chive and onion, or garlic and onion.. something with onion anyway crackers. I also had this cup of Miso soup I got free with my Birchbox (review to come after I've tried out the products) and umm.. yeah Miso soup is NOT for me. Even after I stirred it and it settled it looked like it was sort of erupting from the bottom! So weird. Also had a nectarine and apple and grape juice.

Had bit of a nutty craving when I was picking Tayla up from nursery earlier so I picked up this little bag of fruit and nuts, it's lovely! Still got half to eat when I go upstairs later tonight. Ooonly thing that annoyed me is that there were only three chocolate almonds! They're the best in the bag as well :(


Apologies for the crappy photographs today, this one was mainly because I may have forgotten to take a picture of it.. again. In my defence I was pretty hungry! Yes it's another stir fry and a few prawn crackers, but it's different from last time I promise! I saw a Chinese BBQ sauce while in Tesco earlier and it was in the deal with the veg so decided to try it and I think I might like it even more than my staple chilli and garlic!

Hmmm so you say pudding or dessert? I'm a pudding person. Only just noticed how blurry this is! I think that was from the steam, I couldn't see it on my phone! Anyway I had an ykos citrus (it's lemon, don't know who they're trying to fool) greek yoghurt, which are really nice by the way and also a mug of apple and pear green tea which I'm currently still drinking. 
Pretty shocked I only had one cup of normal tea today! I don't know what's wrong with me!

What did you have today? Hope you had a good day and feel free to link your WIAW  :)

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