Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fashion Throwback - Carrie Bradshaw style!

I'm a big fan of Sex and The City, so of course when The Carrie Diaries came about I jumped at the chance to go back into Carrie Bradshaw's fashion filled world.
It's on it's second season and I've been noticing the fashion more and more and getting jealous of it. I've never really looked much into 80's fashion, I thought it was all just leg warmers and leotards but I was quite wrong! Here are a few of my favourite outfits and styles from the show as well as a little 80's fashion that's been creeping it's way into our own wardrobes 30 years later.

Chunky/costume jewellery.

These two were worn by Miss Bradshaw herself (Ana Sophia Robb) in series two. I've seen loads of this bright costume jewellery around lately. The 80's were all about the glitz and glamour. Chunky and costume jewellery was a huge deal then, especially as the rich and famous were able to display their wealth through their big gold necklaces. Obviously not everyone could afford this so costume jewellery was a good way to still show off a little. These two 80's inspired necklaces are available via the links above. 

Bold prints and bright colours

Bold prints and bright colours (especially neons) were also a big thing. When I think of the 80's colour definitely springs to mind. This style was brought back during 2012, with many store displays showing off neons and bold graphic prints. These were both again worn by Carrie in the show and I love the purple coat! I wouldn't wear it myself but it definitely represents her style. I'm not sure if this heart print jumper is necessarily THAT 80's, but the show's set in that time so it must have been something they'd have worn, plus it's lovely!

Oversized tops.
This first top is from Topshop again, but is currently unavailable. The second is from Urban Outfitters and also sold out! It's very similar to my own green check shirt as seen here. Oversized tops were very popular in Carrie's era, especially over leggings. Hmm that sounds like familiar! This is one trend I'm glad came back. I love the oversized top look and I hope it's here to stay as it looks good on anyone and is so versatile!

Denim Jackets

Ahh denim jackets, how I love you. Of course they were huge in the 80's worn by everyone from Madonna to Marty Mcfly (huge back to the Future geek). I think this is definitely one fashion staple that is here to stay for good. The first picture is a snapshot from the show, worn by Donna and the 'Le Donnas' (got to love the mean girls) and the second is a jacket worn by Maggie, one of Carrie's friends on the show. 

I never knew so much of today's fashion came from the 80's! It's a long way from the monochrome trends of today, I don't think they'd be caught in something so dark and plain. What era's fashion do wish would be revived?


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