Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Homemade Manicure

So last week I was feeling a little bored, a little down and thought I'd give myself a little pick me up by giving myself a mini manicure. Now I'm no professional at all, and it's not even really a proper manicure, but I always find it thoroughly relaxing and there's something about doing my nails that always makes me feel good.

Here's everything I used (excluding the sink!). 

1. First take off any remaining polish from your nails with any old nail polish. I like to use the cleansing ones as my nails can be a bit dry sometimes. Then go fill up the sink with warm water and soap and just soak your hands for a few minutes. I've heard not to clip your nails before, and just file them down but this always seems to make my nails break off so I clip a bit then file them so they're more rounded. It's much easier to do this after you've soaked your nails as they're softer :)

2. Paint them! Start with a base coat, I use Collection 2000's 2 in 1 nail strengthener (I find it stops chipping a lot better than normal base coats!). I wasn't originally a fan of the Elegance touch rapid dry spray, but it's done me well to just dry them off so I don't have to wait ages in between coats. Just a quick spray then you're onto the colour. I used Barry M 279 bright pink, trying to stop just going for reds over and over! I always use two coats of colour. 

3. Wait for them to dry, or use the spray, then use a top coat. Again I use the Collection 2000 one, it's just always done me well! Did my nails at the weekend and not a single chip yet!

4. If you're like me, and have tiny nails then inevitably, you're going to get some on your fingers. This is where the eyeliner brush comes in. Of course make sure it's not the same one you use for your eyes that could be pretty painful! Just dip it into the remover and brush it over the sides and anywhere you've accidentally painted. 

Then voila! You're all done.
As I said, I'm definitely not a professional and I know I haven't used any of the tools really used in any normal manicure. But if you're feeling down and want a little pampering but don't have the money to go out, give this a try and have a little 'me time'.

Have a great day!

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