Friday, 31 January 2014

Blogging; the top five tricks of the trade

So I've been blogging for about 6 months now and I have learned quite a bit about the blogging world and thought I'd share it with you lovely people!

1. Labels.
This is a big part of blogging. If you use then you just click the 'labels' header on the right and add any labels that relate to your post. I'm not sure about other blogging templates, but I'm sure a little look around and you'll find it. Labels will help your readers to find specific things on your blog that they want to read about. Say you've written an amazing recipe and someone wants to see if you've written anymore, any post you've labelled with 'recipe' will come up. It's a great way to get your old posts seen again and again.

2. Share, Share, Share!
I know it seems pretty obvious, but the more you share the more traffic you'll get! Social media is the top way to get your posts seen. I find that Twitter is more successful to Facebook, mainly because the majority of fashion and beauty companies have Twitter accounts and some will retweet you if you feature them and tag in the tweet, which is even more helpful to gain new readers. 
Other sites you can promote your blog on is (mine can be found to the right) just make sure you put a button on your page otherwise nobody will know you're on it!

3. Show the love.
I know blog writing can take up quite a bit of your time, especially when you get into the swing of it. But you should make sure to read other blogs. As well as finding out things you wouldn't necessarily know and then would want to try yourself, it's another way to promote yourself. If you comment on another blog (and I mean an actual helpful or original comment, not just 'ah that's well nice') chances are they'll share the love back one day. They've spent just as much time writing their posts as you have yours, we're all in the same boat! Posting about your favourite bloggers of the moment is another good way to show you're not just self involved and happy to help promote others. (check out my latest one here)

4. Write from the heart.
Another sure fire way to get your readers coming back is to write from the heart. Yes, I know you're writing a review or showing off your latest haul, but there's nothing wrong with putting a bit of your personality into your writing! Being yourself is always important and will be a constant in your writing, it will also set you apart from the rest and make you more memorable. 

5. Don't be afraid to try something new.
Even if you are a fashion or beauty blogger, there's nothing wrong with throwing in something a little different every now and then. I started primarily as wanting to just review the great products I'd found, but I find that people don't mind if you stray away from the original demographic of your blog. Throwing in the occasional food or lifestyle post is another way to set you aside from the rest and make your blog more original. 

Well if you're just starting out or been blogging for a while and nobody seems to be reading your posts, I hope this has helped!
Feel free to post your blogs below and I'll be happy to check them out :)

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