Friday, 24 January 2014

Oops I've done it again!

You know how after Christmas it seems like every shop in the world thinks you have unlimited funds and will put gigantic SALE signs in their windows, which if you're like me will beckon you into the store and convince you to rifle through every single rack and then be either disappointed that you didn't find what you were looking for, despite not actually knowing you were looking for anything or a mixture of happy and guilty at buying those items you just 'had to have'. 
My problem is unfortunately the latter. I said to myself 'No buying clothes until you've gone down a dress size and have saved all your holiday money'. Yeah, that didn't go so well…

I did not need another cardigan. But as I was waiting to meet up with my friend for Coffee last week, I found myself in NewLook and this caught my eye! I was in there the week before and saw a lovely black and white cardigan that was in my size but made myself put it back, as luckily after trying it on I didn't like the feel of it. That's when I saw this lovely fluffy piece calling to me from the rail. It was only £12 and although I could have done with the small size it was so warm and comfy and £15 cheaper than usual so it leapt into my basket.

The other thing that I didn't need but had to have was this shirt. Again it was in the size above my usual but after trying it on I fell in love. It's so light and plus it feeds my anything tartan/checkered addiction that I have at the moment. It also has a sort of chambray denim blue patch to the back and down the front. It was only £8 reduced from £16.99. When I got to the till I did also find that the cardigan was in fact £9 not £12 so I ended up spending under £20 for what should have cost me over double that!
The guilt is currently being smothered by the warm cosy feeling of the fluffy star cardigan.

Have you fell in love with any sale items lately?

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