Monday, 27 January 2014

Just can't live without

These are 5 items I've been buying as soon as they run out, some even before they've ran out! The toner is my second bottle of it and it still makes my skin feel amazing. The barry m brush is either the second or third one I've had, although the cheaper brushes are usually quite crappy and the bristles all fall out, these ones are great and stay soft for ages! The garnier make up remover is a bit of a love and hate item as it depends on my skin. Sometimes it can make it feel really greasy and sometimes I love it. I've been buying this repeatedly since the middle of last year mind you, so I think it's here to stay. Ah I'm so happy I found the Rimmel Stay matte collection! This is my second of the pressed powders and it's nearly out again! Although I put on quite a generous amount throughout the day they last me quite a while. The in-shower moisturiser is my second bottle and this one must be different to my last as it's a lot less thick and actually does wash off really easily. Either way, I love it.

What items can you not live without?

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