Monday, 18 November 2013

Time to prime, moisturise and shine!

Good miserable foggy Monday morning to you all! Now that the miserable weather has well and truly set in, I thought it was high time I invest in a good highlighter to give my skin the glow that the sun just won't do right now!
Also, my beloved Monu primer sample has in fact reached the end of it's legs so thought I'd have a look round for a primer as well. 

Of course I was in Tesco, and I came across these little beauties.

This is a brand that is featured quite prominently in my Tesco, the bright pink on the aisle end always catches my eye. Since VIVO have sadly gone out of stock in store, I couldn't get the primer I'd actually went there to buy. This little tube was only £3.49 and promises to smooth and illuminate your skin. It's a pink formula, but blends into your natural skin tone (well, it did with me). I haven't quite seen a more illuminated look to my face, but it does certainly keep my make up sitting pretty all day, which is always a good sign with a primer.

Barbara Daly always has such a sophisticated feel to the stand, and has been something I've pondered at many a time in the make up section. I've never used a highlighter before, so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but it's been working pretty well. It did take me a few tries to get used to the amount to use and where to put it, but it has been making a difference. The cream is actually a silver colour, not the yellow like in the picture, so don't worry, you aren't going to look like you've got a strange illness. I love the high end feel of the tub as well, and at only £7, it's definitely something I'd buy again.

After the success of the Nivea in-shower moisturiser, I thought that this Nivea soft moisturising cream would be great for my arms and legs over the winter, although it can be used on your face too! The cream absorbs really well into your skin and I think it could be a real winner. This is actually the gift pack which has been reduced from £7.50 to only £3.75 which is a real bargain considering the single 200ml tub is £2.60 on it's own and this is for double that! It's great for yourself to save a little money, or as a gift for someone for Christmas!

Well there's my three little purchases on moisturising, priming and highlighting your skin over the winter. Keep your eyes peeled for my 'what I'm loving this winter' post which will be out over the next few days with some new purchases on there as well.
Have a good Monday (well as good as a Monday can be!) 

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