Monday, 2 December 2013

Autumn Beauty Favourites

Ahh I've done it again haven't I? Been neglecting you lovely people over the last few weeks! I do apologise been quite busy with uni work, and Tayla's been catching every illness known to man, this week it's a chest and throat infection, so happy days! 
Anyways I did promise an autumn favourites post quite a while back so I thought I'd better keep to my word and show you what I've been loving lately. 

I've already mentioned the Barbara Daly highlighter in the last post; Time to prime and shine! which I'm still in love with (now that I know where on the face to put it) and the Maybelline Fit me foundation  which surprisingly is the same bottle I got in that post (link above) and I've been using it pretty much everyday! I've also already mentioned the Orly red sparkly nail varnish which I've been using quite a lot lately, as I'm in love with red this season!
The other thing not mentioned but I'm not really going to go into too much detail about is the Nivea pure and natural facial cleansing wipes, which have actually been some of the best facial wipes I've bought. They're great for sensitive skin and they get make up residue off really well! Only thing is they're perfumed (it's a lovely smell) so if that usually irritates your skin, I might stay away.

I have previously mentioned this pallet in the NAKED copycats post a couple of weeks back, and told you all of how Tesco have stopped selling this brand in stores. Well as I love VIVO and they did actually have one (yes one, how lucky am I?!) in the clearance bin at Tesco the other week, naturally I had to buy it. I'm usually strictly a pinks and purples kind of girl, but lately I've been really really into browns and bronzes for eyeshadows, it must be the weather! I really am running out of room to do swatches due to my tattoos creeping their way up my arms, but here they are. I've been favouring the lighter colours as a base and then putting one of the more matte brown colours on the outside corner and swiping over the gold in the crease to give my eye a bit of sparkle and I must say I'm loving it and it goes with any outfit!

I got this Seventeen cream eyeshadow from Boots when they had their 3 for 2 offer on last month. I'd been on the lookout for a cream eyeshadow but I've always been a bit skeptical as I used to use them daily and they made my eyes feel really sticky. This one I must say is very light and quite vibrant as well, it doesn't stick at all! I love the little pot it comes in too, I'm a sucker for leopard print! Unfortunately it appears that Boots no longer sell this eyeshadow so it may have been a limited edition. 

These are the other two items I got on that same 3 for 2. I have never actually bought anything from the Seventeen range, but from the three items I have I can only say positive things. The Instant glow bronzing powder is actually my first bronzer, I don't really need it during summer time as I usually get quite a natural blush anyways. This particular bronzer was £4.59 and it's been working great to give my face a healthy glow. I've been applying it with this Seventeen shimmer brush, which is really really soft and does apply it quite well, but I think it would go on better with an angled brush. (I do need more brushes, so maybe I'll have a look for a good angled one, any recommendations?) 

Now for the body and hair! 
During these horrible winter months, my skin goes so so dry, especially my legs. I've found that by putting this scrub from Calcot Manor (only £1.99 at Tesco!) on my legs before shaving them and then following it with the Nivea in shower moisturiser has made my legs unbelievably soft! And it's only £1.99! Another favourite of mine lately has been this dry shampoo from Batiste that my Dad actually brought me home from work as they were handing out samples in Leicester. This particular one is supposed to have a hint of brown, which I obviously can't see because I have black hair, but still. It is a lot better than the last one I've used, makes my hair feel quite clean even if it looked horrible before! And it strangely smells like popcorn.. not sure if this is good or bad, but there you go. 
As for what I've been washing my hair with lately, I always favour the Herbal Essences collections and as I'm incredibly lazy and hate straightening my hair during the winter, this Tousle me softly shampoo and conditioner gives my hair a bit of a tidier wave to it meaning I only have to straighten my fringe!

Anyways there you have it, my top beauty items of the season. I'll be researching for the best beauty and fashion gifts for Christmas hopefully to post tomorrow or Wednesday (I promise you!) so keep your eyes peeled! 

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