Friday, 15 November 2013

November Glossybox review

It's that time of the month again! I'd been eagerly checking my emails for the shipment information and yesterday morning my Glossybox appeared at my door! 
After the disappointing first impressions of last month's box, I was a little apprehensive about this month's issue, even going as far as saying if it doesn't improve I'm going to cancel after Christmas! I feel quite bad about that really, as last month's box introduced me to lip stains and the amazing monu primer which I've unfortunately ran out of and can't afford £23 on a new bottle :( Maybe one for Christmas?

Anyways here's this month's box;

This month's theme was the 'Glossy wish list'. I'm quite happy they didn't hype up the theme like they did last month, we weren't expecting anything particular from this box, so it was all a surprise! Well, apart from the Vichy creams which were a featured spoiler. 

First up is the spoiler, which is the Vichy Idelia Life Serum. I love the fact this came in it's own little pouch, it's so pretty! What a lovely way of keeping the samples together :). The pouch contained three 3ml sized samples, which in retrospect is a pretty good amount, but then you get the usual issue of two thirds of that sample being just air. I think I used nearly a whole bottle on just one application! It's supposed to give you more of an even complexion and smooth your pores so that you get a more flawless look. I must say it did make my skin feel very smooth, but I don't know if my pores were less visible. The serum is quite a metallic looking white cream and doesn't have much of a fragrance which is always good with skincare in my opinion. The bottle's full sized (30ml) price is £29.50 in Boots, making our samples worth about £8 or £9. 
Would I buy? - Probably not as it's quite expensive and I don't think it would last me very long.

Next is the Yves Rocher cacao collection hand cream. This was a full sized sample, which I'm always happy to receive. It's only £1.75 a bottle, but it's pretty amazing. Hand creams aren't a thing I ever feel the need to pick up as dry skin on my hands is never a problem I've had. This one might be my favourite of the box just because of it's delicious smell. It's very subtle at first, but when it's set into your skin you'll be smelling the amazing combination of chocolate and pistachio for hours. It's so good that I'm hunting the internet for chocolate and pistachio recipes to see if it tastes as good as it smells! The only flaw with this is that it feels a little sticky on your hands while it's drying, but that goes away as soon as you wash your hands a little (but doesn't get rid of the smell!)
Would I buy it? - I'm not sure as I'm not a hand cream kind of girl, but at only £1.75, it is a possibility. 

This is my first eyeshadow from Glossybox and is the Emite micronised eyeshadow in Nect. It retails at around £16.80 full sized, which is what we received in the box. This eyeshadow is paraben, nickel and perfume free, which is great for those of you with sensitive eyes. I like the high end feel of this eyeshadow, but it doesn't really come out all too white as you can see from the swatch, it's very light and is probably the exact same as one of my MUA single eyeshadows. Considering I'm quite pale skinned, I'd only use it as a base colour.
Would I buy it? - No. For £16.80 on a base colour I can get for £1 at MUA it's just not worth the money, even if I do like it's cute little packaging.

This is another full sized product. It's the Elegant touch rapid dry for nails which can be found at Boots for only £3.05. Its a mist that you spray over wet nails, wait 60 seconds and they then promise you are 'good to go'. I have never tried a dry nails mist or equivalent product before, so I after reading the '60 seconds' promise I had quite high hopes! I painted my nails with my Barry M nail polishes and did as directed and sprayed 10cm away from my nails and then proceeded to wait. First of all, the mist gives off quite a greasy feel to me, but it's not perfumed so that's a plus. As to the 60 seconds thing, that's not entirely true. I did two coats and a top coat and sprayed in between each, and after 5 minutes my nails felt a little greasy and some still weren't dry, which resulted in a lovely smudge all up one of my skirts I was putting on.
Would I buy it? - Well, at only £3.05 a bottle, you get what you pay for but it's not the best product out there.

This is my last product I have to show you, which is the Jelly pong pong lip blush in Cranberry. Thanks to the Mememe lip stain of last month, I've become very fond of red lips lately and I was really pleased to see this in my box. I've not tried lip crayons before, as I always think they'll make my lips look patchy if they're a little dry, but this one is actually moisturising as well! You can see the shade in the swatch on the right and it's quite a bright red, which I love. 
This is a picture of me wearing the lip stain, which wasn't patchy and made my lips feel great! Feeling particularly Snow White-esque with the red lips and black hair, but it's all good. The crayon we received was again full sized and retails at £12.
Would I buy it? - Hmm, it's a little pricey, but due to my growing red lip obsession I think I would!

Total price of this months contents adds up to around £35 - £40 which is almost triple what we paid for it, so I think it's definitely a good one this month! Apart from the nail spray, I'm pretty sure I'll use all these items again and it's made me extra excited for next month! 

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