Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The NAKED copycats

Ah the coveted NAKED palettes from Urban Decay. I have wanted one of these for so so long and they're either sold out when I have the money to splurge or I cannot justify to myself that spending £37 on one eyeshadow palette is a good idea. They are one of the most blogged about items out there and are many a beauty blogger's favourite palette. I'm not really a fan of nude eyeshadows normally, I'm more of a pinks and purples kind of girl but the more time I spend lusting over the NAKED and NAKED 2 palettes the more I think 'hmm I'd definitely use that a lot'. 
For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the last couple years, the NAKED palettes are a palette of 12 highly pigmented natural coloured eyeshadows that will work for anyone on any occasion. They are highly coveted amongst beauty lovers and this particular eyeshadow obsessed girl has no idea why she doesn't have one yet!

Here's a look at the NAKED palette;
(Swatch courtesy of Cute and mundane)

and now NAKED 2;
(Swatch courtesy of Nidas Beauty Bag)

Both of these can be found at Look Fantastic for £37 each. But they are rapidly running out of stock!

Like me, many of you might not be able to afford £37 on one palette of eyeshadow, no matter how beautiful it is, so I've scoured the net and found these cheaper alternatives, or 'NAKED copycats'.

First of all is the Eden palette from BeautyUK coming in at £5.99. There are two less colours than the NAKED palettes but at over 5 times less expensive it's a bargain! The colours all look really natural and highly pigmented so they'd last all day. 
(Swatch courtesy of Midnight-violets)

Next is the VIVO Dreamy 12 colour block palette coming in at only £3.99! I've been addicted to my little VIVO palette I picked up at Tesco's last month and this collection looks pretty similar and well worth the money! The only thing about VIVO, is that my Tesco (I know, I'm about to complain about my Tesco's beloved make up department, hold onto your hats) has stopped selling it! I went in there yesterday and one of the staff told me they'd received an email telling them it was getting pulled! As this has become my favourite brand of the moment I was quite upset seeing as they were exclusively available at Tescos. You can still purchase online, but it's just not the same! 
(Swatch courtesy of A pretty obsession)

A particularly smaller palette compared to the NAKED, but I did see this while out shopping yesterday and pondered on buying it for about ten minutes (only to decide I needed other things more.. sigh, when will I win the lottery?) This palette from Barry M is priced as £6.49 and is one of three in a new collection of mini palettes. From the swatches it looks mostly brown shades which would suit my green eyes and pale complexion, but for some might be a bit of a turn off. On the plus side it does come with a blusher! 
(swatch courtesy of Ashly London)

Ahhhh Mua, my old friend. I actually went out yesterday in the hopes of finding this in store but their Undress me too palette has become almost as hard to find as the NAKED itself! Mua is a favourite among the drugstore queens like myself and at £4 you can see why! I love the gold and silver shades, something which has seen it's way creeping into my daily make up more and more recently. There are a few browns and one more purpley looking one so, to me this is the most similar to the official NAKED palette that I've seen. There are two of these 'undress me' palettes, just like there are two of the NAKED palettes, coincidence? MUA know when they're onto a good thing! As soon as I see one in stores it'll be snapped up no thought about it.
(swatch courtesy of MUA cosmetics)

Last but not least is this palette I found this morning from Look fantastic. It's the CID cosmetic's 'Natural wardrobe' collection and the most like the NAKED, packaging wise. Because this product is fairly new, I couldn't actually find a swatch for it but, going by the colours in the pack, it does look like it could overtake MUA's Undress Me for the top copycat out there! It's the most expensive of the dupes coming in at £24, but even still, that's £12 less than NAKED.

There you have it, the top five NAKED copycats at the moment. If you can't afford or find the actual Urban Decay palette, I'm sure one of these lovely palettes will help tie you over until you can get your hands on it.
Credit given to all beauty bloggers whose swatches I found whilst scouring the net and their blogs can be found via the links under the descriptions.

Have a great day! 

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