Thursday, 7 November 2013

Long time no see!

First off let me apologise for the severe lack in posts last month! I seemed to have just lost my writing mojo, anyone who writes will have experienced writer's block at some point and although blogging isn't necessarily the same as writing a novel or such, I can definitely relate! I've either been busy, ill, or just couldn't think of anything to write so nothing was posted, seems I'm always blooming ill, joys of having kids, ey? 
Anyways thought I'd give you a little life update before I start bombarding you with my make up and shopping addictions again, although I haven't been able to buy a great deal due to it being Christmas just over a month away! Scary how fast the year's gone don't you think? 

Pretty much my last month! First of all might be wondering about the frog.. It was all quiet, a nice normal day and suddenly Tayla calls me to the bathroom and tells me there's a frog in the hallway, and of course I didn't believe her as she goes on about random things all the time and low and behold there was a frog just casually hopping across the carpet. Silly thing decided to hide behind the TV and I ended up spending a good half hour trying to catch it. 
Halloween was great, dressed Tayla as a cute little witch and took her trick or treating for the first time :). Her hat was flying off because of the wind and she kept almost setting her broom alight with people's pumpkins but it was mostly a success! 
I was away for the weekend in Derby at my friend's Uni for Halloween and went as a dead pirate as you can see above (sort of). Managed to make a really good bruised eye look with my MUA eyeshadows and the Barry M sparkle dust. Damn fake blood took ages to come off, but it looked pretty real so that's a plus I suppose. 
Also had a shopping trip on Saturday (didn't buy much but will post that later on) and went to the best restaurant ever. Heavenly Desserts in Derby is just literally a whole book of different desserts. It's not too expensive but at £5.90 a slice of cheesecake it's definitely a treat. We ended up not eating an actual meal so got four desserts! The cookie dough there is literally to die for. Probably one of the best things I've ever had. If you're ever in Derby, check it out, it's a must.

Ah got another tattoo as well, I'm rapidly getting more of an addiction to it, I'm on my 6th getting my 7th on Saturday.. Ah well, I love them! Today's Tayla's 3rd birthday (I can't believe I have a three year old already!!) and since she's off to school today the parents and I took her down to see my Nan in Southampton on Sunday and she had a lovely day at Peppa Pig World :). Tonight we're having our own fireworks night using the ones left over from last New years, that I'm praying will still be okay!

Hope you've all had a great couple of weeks and I shall post some purchases later on while Tayla's at school!

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