Monday, 21 October 2013

Trick or Treat?

 That time of year is nearly upon us. The time of dressing up and being whatever or whoever you want for the night. And if you're lucky like me and have kids, you get to go trick or treating and maybe sneak a few of the sweets when they are asleep!
I love Halloween, mainly because I love horror type things and any excuse to wear a fancy dress costume is good with me!

Thought I'd do a little Halloween make up treat for you and post some of the make up and nail pictures I've seen and also find out where you can buy some stuff to recreate the looks. 

There's so much you could do with your make up kits, but these are some of the more subtle looks I've found. I love the red and black smokey eye and seeing as my costume is red and black I'll definitely be trying to recreate this look over the next couple weeks. My favourite is the eyeshadow on the bottom left. There's no way I'd ever be able to do this but doesn't it look amazing? It's so clever how they've incorporated her eyebrows as part of the tree as well. If you're not so good with make up, there are plenty of smokey eye trio's out there with guides on the box of how to do it. 

Here's some of the nail idea products I've come across while trawling the net. First is the Umberto Giannini gothic wood wraps from Boots at only £7. They're actually little tree prints, I think they'd look pretty amazing! For more of a laugh there's the House of Holland Face Ache nails, (£8.99 @ Boots) which would be great any time of the year, not just halloween :) Lastly is the Essie Meet me at Sunset polish. If you're more into plain nails then this alternating with a black would be great for you, as it looks pretty 'pumpkiny' in colour!

Of course I found mainly purple pigmented colours, but I've always associated purple with the witches of Halloween so there you go. First is the Becca jewel dust from It's a little pricey at  £17 a pot, but we all need a little high end make up splurge sometimes! The second is actually supposed to be more of a red powder, found at Etsy for £5.50. I've seen quite a lot of make up stuff on Etsy recently, including those wonderful hair chalks that were all the rage this summer. Lastly is the Bourjois Paris Colour edition eyeshadow cream in violet celeste. It's £6.99 at Boots and there's also a black called noir cosmique that would go perfectly with this colour. I'm gonna have to have a look around for some cream eyeshadows and dust as I literally have none in my collection since I emptied out my really old stuff!

Now for the lips! Plum and dark red lips are going to be big for the whole of winter so this Rihanna for MAC lipstick for £16.50 is going to be one you use over and over. But would also look great as a little added extra to your overall halloween look. This particular shade is called Talk That Talk. It is out of stock on the official MAC website, but I'm sure there are many places that sell it. 

This is actually my own lipstick that I bought the other day from Asda. It's the new Rimmel moisture renew lipstick and this one as you can see is in 'Diva Red'. It's not too expensive, only £6.49 in Boots so half what the MAC one is. It doesn't come out ridiculously dark as you can see in the swatch, but it's a pretty good lipstick and it suits me perfectly! Despite the fact it's usually £6.49 I actually found it in the clearance bin (even though there was nothing at all wrong with it) for only £3.14 and when I took it to the till ended up only being £1.50! Best bargain I've gotten in a while although I think it was a lucky one-off.

There's my brief halloween ideas, I'll be sure to post my own halloween make up when it get's round to the day. What are you all going as? Have you tried any halloween inspired make up yourselves? Let me know below!

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