Sunday, 20 October 2013

A/W13 edit: The shoes

Ah finally gotten round to doing the winter shoes edit! I've literally spent the last couple hours searching for shoes, I feel like one those cartoon characters with the pictures spinning round their heads! This is mainly for daytime shoes, I'm not even going to venture into the masses of different types of heels there are out there but if I find some particularly nice ones I will post them, maybe a collage..

The Ankle Boot.

 (left to right) F&F @ Tesco £18
AX Paris £47

I haven't really done a splurge and save option this month as quite a few I just fell in love with and couldn't find a cheaper alternative. First up is the ankle boot. These are everywhere at the moment, and they will literally go with anything! I think my favourite are the chocolate strap ones from Dorothy Perkins, mainly because they look quite slouchy which means they wouldn't be too tight round your leg. There's nothing worse than having your jeans bunch up at the ankle because your boots are too skin tight. I like the detail as well, studs are a big thing this year as well as you can see on the most expensive pair from AX Paris. I like the buckle detailing across the front and they just stood out to me but I'm not entirely sure if they'd be a little too in your face with the studs as well as the chunky buckles. The cheapest pair is from  Tesco (I swear I do not get paid for bigging up Tesco every other post!). These are really simple but the little buckle fastening over the side gives it a little something extra and for only £18 I think they're going to have to go onto my ever growing wish list.

The Biker boot.
(from left to right) Select £20
New look £64.99

I've tried to find a cheaper option for each and these tan studded pair from select at only £20 aren't too bad! Pair them with some jeans, a white tee and leather jacket and you'd be all set for those cold rainy days. Something about this pair from river island caught my eye. I love the fact that they're really unique with the zip detailing going all the way round the opening. Simple way to stop them being just another boring pair of black buckle biker boots. This pair from New look remind a bit of a pair of cowboy boots, (which I'm determined to get a real authentic pair of!) I love the distressed look to the leather and again they're buckled. Don't think you're going to find many pairs of boots this season without them!

Over the knee
(from left to right) Faux Suede boots, Ebay £19.99 (+6.99 P&P)
AX Paris £39.99
New Look £39.99

Okay so both the pair from AX Paris and New Look are quite expensive, but they are nice! I'm not sure I'd wear the brown ones myself mind you. They look pretty good quality though so bound to keep you dry and warm throughout the winter. I love the Kelly Brook pair from New look. I would have nowhere to where them and they'd kill my feet but they have that certain Julia Roberts Pretty woman feel to them and we all need our pair of 'hooker heels' don't we? The cheapest pair (on the left) are from a Chinese seller on Ebay. I know quite a lot of people can be skeptical of buying off of Ebay, but the trick is to find the ones advertising in UK sizes, like this one and also to check their star rating over the past 12 months. Quite a few of the clothing items are all one size and there's no way I'd fit into the same thing the gorgeous model in the picture is as the women are pretty tiny in China. But I think this pair would be pretty worth it. they come in a range of different colours and even if they aren't for you, they accept returns so you won't lose out on any money! 

The ballet flats.
Left - Forever 21 £18.90
Right - New Look £17.99

Pretty similar prices here, but totally different shoes. Again the forever 21 pair are studded, but I think this adds to the shoe in a really good way, they'd be good for a night out or a day shopping! The pair from New Look are my favourite out of the two, I love the lace detailing covering the shoes and the bow just adds a little something extra to give it a real fancy feel. I know ballet flats (or dolly shoes as we call them here) aren't necessarily always practical for this time of year, but they'd be great for a party or a meal out as well as for those rare dry days we get in Winter worn with a skirt or dress and some tights :)

The wedge.
Left - New Look £24.99
Right - Select £20

Two very different types of wedge here. The new look pair are more for a night on the town or a nice meal, aaand there's more buckles! I know there are plenty of wedges that are pretty much the same as these without the buckles, but I think they always look so plain! They're quite high, so I don't think I'd buy them myself, they'd end up on half the night and then being cursed for giving me blisters the other half! They are nice though and quite reasonably priced. The pair of wedge trainers are so in right now, I've seen them everywhere! Great for those of you who want a little extra height during the day or who love heels and just want something casual. They look really comfy as well and I love the fact they're not just plain black. Might have to purchase them if I go in Select anytime soon.

The casual 'everyday' shoe
Left - Converse @ Bank £45
Right - Superdry @ Bank £65

Everyone needs a good old pair of Converse taking lead of their shoe collection. I'm ashamed to say I don't actually own a pair, but I really need to get some soon! Maybe for Christmas.. Converse are literally the comfiest shoes I've ever worn and they go with absolutely anything. The Superdry pair are similar to converse high tops, and they look so darn comfy and will see you right through winter and probably be worn for years to come, just like the low top converse. Out of the two, I definitely lean towards the converse, mainly because of price and I find it easier to wear jeans with low top trainers.

Well there you have it! There's my official A/W picks for casual (mostly) shoes; some of them at a right steal price! Have you seen any other styles you've fallen in love with on the shelves lately? Let me know below :)
Hope you all had a great weekend xo.

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