Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wardrobe Revival, from day to night!

Been trying to create new outfits by reusing certain items I've had for god knows how long and it's harder than you'd think! I had a tutorial today in Leicester and went out for a coffee (I say went for a coffee, I had tea, hate coffee!) with a friend afterwards so thought I'd wear something a bit different than my usual jeggings and a vest top. 

The item I'm reusing here is the bodycon skirt which can pretty much be bought anywhere, I got this particular one ages and ages ago so really don't remember where from I'm afraid! The red swing top  from Boohoo goes great with the skirt, I can never find tops that go well with this skirt so it's hardly been worn. The biker jacket is pretty new, was a spur of the moment purchase while online shopping the other day from Select for only £25! The wedges are also a little old from New Look, I found these alternatives also from New Look for only £19.99. I didn't actually wear the wedges out today, but I think this would be a great night out outfit especially as it's getting colder! I don't understand those girls who still go out in the dead of winter with no jacket on, tis just crazy!

Here's the daytime version of the outfit. I don't know why I automatically put my hand on my hip in full length pictures... It's pretty much the same but with a slouchy cardigan I only bought because I was cold walking around Asda earlier! It's amazing how much difference a jacket can make to an outfit! I wore this with a pair of black flat boots but I think a comfy pair of Uggs would go perfectly. 

That's two outfits I've managed to recycle now, feeling quite proud of myself. I'll have to have a rifle through and see what I have for next week :)

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