Friday, 8 November 2013

Wrapping up for Guy Fawkes

Little bit late for a bonfire night outfit update but it's still a great look for autumn. So, as I mentioned yesterday I've been shopping! It's quite rare I actually find something I really really want while out at the physical shops. I'm definitely more of an online shopper, especially when it comes to sales. How anyone can find their sizes in one of those jumbled up, unorganised sale racks is beyond me! 

Anywho, I found these amazing pair of acid wash leggings in New Look (you probably already had guessed this, seeing as I practically get all my clothes there) for only £14.99! They do a blue pair as well, but I thought I'd mix it up a little as all my bottoms are blue of some shade. They are so so comfy and go great with pretty much everything, especially my leather jacket :).
The vest top is also from New Look and can be seen better in my Back to Basics post I did a few weeks ago. I got the jumper/top thing from Internacionale last year, but they're always doing stuff like this so keep an eye out if you like it! The necklace is from Forever 21, (it's a little bird paired with a pink rose and a golden birdcage) but that was bought back in June so they don't sell it anymore but here's an alternative - Dove necklace. The hat is really old, but the Beret style is something I see every year so it's been a great investment piece and looks great with curly hair for a real 'autumny' look.

This outfit is actually what I wore on Tuesday night when I went to go watch the fireworks in town with my brother and his partner, paired with the coat and wellies. I got the coat in the sale from Internacionale. It was £34.99 reduced down to only £17.99! So is a pretty good bargain if you ask me. The coat itself is quite thin, but worn with a jumper underneath it will definitely see me through the winter. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the fact that it looks a little creased and it's not the type of material that you can iron. That's my OCD acting up again I think! The wellies were bought during festival season in the Summer from Primark, I think they were £12? They're as comfy as wellies get really, so in other words not very, but they've got to be better than wearing Uggs in the snow! Cannot deal with soaked through socks again this year. 

Tayla had a great birthday yesterday and got pretty spoilt! Will try and sneak a little post in at some point over the weekend, I'm attempting to dye my hair black again, want to get the random blonde bits out of my hair that keep somehow creeping through. Have a great few days! 

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