Monday, 11 November 2013

This month's beauty freebies!

I love this time of year with magazines. They're always giving away stuff you'll actually use during this party season! I saw a blog post (can't remember which blog I read so many!) talking about this month's magazine freebies so I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at this month's GLAMOUR and Cosmopolitan magazines! 

Here's this month's contents and covers! First of all lets do the GLAMOUR magazine. Free with this issue was one of four full sized nail varnishes by Kate Spade @ Nails inc. I've never really tried any of Nails inc.'s products and I was pleasantly surprised!

I only picked up the gold, I can never justify buying four of the same magazine so it irritates me when they always say 'Collect all four!' This gold is called 'Uptown Glamour' and is actually pretty good. I never buy gold nail varnishes, don't know why, they always remind me of my Nan (which I was right about as she did steal a bit when I was at her house last!) but I loved this one. It's a very subtle metallic gold, almost silver in some lights but I think with the classic Little Black Dress, it would go perfectly to add a bit of colour. And it dries in about 30 seconds which is always good! The shades aren't actually available to buy in stores (I've been hunting for them and no luck just yet so if you find them let me know!) but the Nails Inc. bottles are usually £11 or £12 each. The other shades in the magazine were Soho Silver, New York Noir and Big Apple Red.
That was the only real freebie in Glamour's issue this month, that and a gift guide for Debenhams which actually had some good deals in!

Onto Cosmo.. 
Again another nail polish! I'm particularly fond of this one as I love red nails at the moment, especially with my now black hair - I feel like snow white being all pale with red lips and nails all the time!
This is half the size of a normal bottle; only 5ml, but hey unless we really really love the polish how often do we get to the bottom? Like Glamour, they were giving away 4 different colours, this one is called 'star spangled' (which I love the name of), a sparkly gold, a nude and a more berry almost black colour (which there weren't any left of when I bought mine!). This is actually only one coat of the polish, but I've seen on other reviews of it that it goes almost the same colour as it looks in the bottle which is always something that's appreciated. I love the sparkliness (is that a word?) of this red, it twinkles as it catches the light :). You can actually buy it this size for $3.99 so it's quite cheap really. I definitely think this one is one I'll be using again and again throughout Winter.

Also in Cosmo were two perfume samples. I apologise profusely for the awful photographs here, my camera has seemed to have a fit of late and the adverts were on those stupid shiny pages so they pictures look blurred :(. Even so, the first is 'Angel' by Thierry Mugler and I know it's been out quite a while but this is actually the first time I've smelt it! When I first put it on I wasn't a fan at all as it's quite a spicy sort of smell, but after a while it settles and it's quite nice. I don't know if I'd necessarily buy it, but it is nice. The second sample was the Katy Perry Killer Queen fragrance. I did receive this in my latest Glossybox and I wasn't a fan, and I still am not. It's just not something my nose seems to like! 

I also got a sample of the Aveeno body moisturising cream. This is another of those supposed 24 hour lasting moisturisers. I've yet to use it, but if I like it I'm sure I'll be buying it soon as I've been on the lookout for a good body moisturiser and they aren't too expensive in Boots :)
Cosmo included a Gift guide for him and her as well as the actual magazine, which was 25 pages of gift ideas for both men and women. I may be doing a gift guide in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

One more quick note, I've been thinking lately about starting up a YouTube channel, for stuff like hauls and my daily routine and maybe some tutorials like the enrapture rollers etc. If you'd like to see this leave a comment below, and maybe give me some ideas of what else you'd like to see! 

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