Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wardrobe revival: OOTD

Hey everyone! So I've noticed that what with Tayla's nursery fees and it being only a few months until Christmas that I don't actually have the money to keep splashing out on new clothes, which yes I'll still find a way to do some weeks even though I really shouldn't! But a new top here and there isn't too bad is it? 
Anyway, I was watching The Vampire Diaries the other day (huge unashamed fan right here :) and I loved one of Nina Dobrev's outfits. I love most of her outfits to be honest, I have a huge girl crush.  It was a denim shirt worn over a white lace dress. It was so simple and looked great on her, so I decided to pull out my own (hardly worn, hate to admit) denim shirt from it's place in my wardrobe and see what I could throw it over to revive an old outfit.

Apologies for the blurriness, this was taken at about midnight last night as I'd completely forgot I wanted to do this post! Scatterbrain me 'til the end. I think the shirt was bought this Spring from  New Look (as let's face it most of my clothes are!) and the dress is one I bought from H&M ages and ages ago but still love it. Of course it's not quite summer out there anymore so I paired it with a pair of clear tights (that laddered within an hour..) and my favourite black boots. 
I think it's great to just have a look through your wardrobe and just try combinations that you'd never thought of before. I mean we bought those clothes for a reason, why shouldn't we wear them to death? 

Here's the gorgeous Nina's version (which of course she looks better in)
This dress was actually from Urban outfitters but obviously as this was over a year ago, it's no longer in stores but you never know what gems you might find on Ebay. I might do a couple more of these posts depending on what I find in my wardrobe, have a go! Dig out that old dress from a couple seasons back and pair it was something you've loved this year and see what you think :)

Hope you all have a great Sunday xo.

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