Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A/W13 Edit: Knitwear

Apologies I haven't done one of these in a while, been having the inevitable writer's block! Seems that we're well into the horrid October weather and it's only the 2nd! We woke up today to miserable grey skies and horrible rain :(. Pyjama day is in order for me and Tayla I think. Seeing as it's getting a little colder, but not cold enough for big coats, I thought knitwear would be a perfect edit for this week!

Longline cardigan
Left: save - New Look £17.99
Right: splurge Miss Selfridge £45

Everyone needs a good cardigan, they're great for lounging, and for wearing when you're out but not actually outdoors. If you look on the zoomed in picture on the website of the save option, it's actually got kind of a space dye effect to it, which I love at the moment. I've been searching around for a new cardigan lately and I think this one from New Look could be a winner! Although the second cardigan isn't overly expensive, I liked the PU styling on the pockets, it just gives it something extra and sets it apart from the crowd. Also it's chunky knit which means it'll be so so warm!

Open Knit jumper
Left: save - Mango @ Asos was £22.99 now £16
Right: splurge - Asos £32

I don't know what it is about the first one, I just love the laddering detail. It wouldn't necessarily keep you warm, but over of a vest top it'd certainly help. It's just such a nice style! I always want to buy these sort of styles, but I'm afraid that it'll end up snagging on something and ripping due to the thinness  of the ladder stitching. The second option, again isn't too pricey, but they are running really low on stock on these. It caught my eye because of the colour block which is really in right now. On warmness, I think this one would be the winner of the two.

Jumper dress
Left: save - Boohoo £20
Right: save - Laura Scott @ Look again £40

I love a jumper dress. They are just great for those days when it's still cold but not freezing. This one on the right, is unfortunately running low on stock as well, but I'm hoping they get more in! I love the pattern on the bottom, reminds me of Christmas :) plus it goes great with leggings so it's one of those cosy up in front of the fire type outfits, which are a must have if you're like me during winter and don't tend to venture out much. The splurge option is more of a long sleeved dress than a jumper, but it does say it's knitted so hey ho. I've not actually heard of the website or brand before, but I do like the colour block pattern. It's more of a party type dress though I'd say, something for a new year's party maybe?

Fluffy jumper
Left: save - Boohoo £15
Right: splurge - Warehouse £45

The left one I'm not so sure about as it's not got full length sleeves, but it is an interesting piece and for only £15 it'd be good for an under coat layer. I love this geometric print on the splurge option, it just looks so comfy and warm and if I had £45 to spend on one jumper it would be making it's way into my wardrobe. Fluffy jumpers are great, although some can be a little itchy, so I'd have to try it on before buying it, damn my irritatingly sensitive skin!

Knitted print jumper
Left: save - Asos £32
Right: splurge - French Connection £75

I'm not sure whether skulls are still 'in' but I love the embellished print on this jumper, definitely stops it from being a little dull as grey jumpers can be guilty of. It's a really casual jumper as well so would go great with anything! I always seem to find my favourite items on Asos, but I don't tend to shop there often, think I need to stop with my New look obsession for a bit and switch over! 
This splurge jumper is the most expensive of the bunch and although I don't necessarily think it's worth £75 on one jumper, it is pretty cool. I love how the tiger's been incorporated into the actual knit of the jumper and the tiger print to the rest of it just makes it really unique! I have way too many of these types of jumpers in my wardrobe from last year so I think I need a bit of a clear out before I start adding to it, I'm running out of hangers!

More cardigans
Left - Missguided £32.99
Right - H&M £24.99

So these aren't actually save and splurge, just two cardigans I found whilst browsing and had to include them. I'm not usually a fan of waterfall cardigans, I tend to find that they bunch up a lot round the neck and make me too hot, but I love this one! It looks really light and I love the pattern on it, apparently the aztec style is here to stay! It also looks like quite a good length as well, the only waterfall cardigan I own is really short in back which is quite annoying. As for the H&M cardigan, I don't know what it is, I just love it! I seem to be really liking green at the moment and it'll go great with my ginger hair (if if ever gets to the colour I want!).

A little seasonal
Left - New Look £22.99
Right - George @ Asda £14.99

Okay so now that it's October, the Halloween related items are out in full swing and I love it! Halloween is probably my favourite holiday of the year, I've already got my costume sorted and can't wait to take Tayla trick or treating for the first time! (Strange child wants to be an ant or a rocket ship.. anyone know where I can get either?) Anyway, I love these cute Halloween jumpers I found while browsing and I had to show you them. I don't entirely know when else you could wear them, but they're so cool! And are both pretty cheap. Keep an eye out on my instagram for all the random halloween related items I'm sure to photograph while I'm out and about :)

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Have a great day everyone, onto boots next week (my favourite A/W item!) xo.

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