Sunday, 29 September 2013

Back to basics.

Hey everyone, I don't know about you lot, but I've certainly been enjoying this last little bout of sun we've been having the past week! But, we all know it's not going to last, and considering the size of the bee that just crashed into my window, I won't be too sad to see all the little creepy crawlies fly off somewhere else. I love the autumn, all the coats and jumpers (I will being doing a jumpers A/W edit, been a little busy this week so apologies!), but of course, you still need an under layer and I hate being all hot and sweaty underneath a big coat. So I thought I'd show you a few little snaps of some basics I've been buying the last couple of weeks. 

First up is the vest tops, again I apologise for the blurriness, apparently my phone camera is actually better mega pixels wise than my Sony! These are actually two different coloured vest tops, one dark green and one black, both from New Look. That link actually sends you to the online exclusive offer of the both for £6.99 but they are £3.99 each in store (which is where I got them). I also have a light pink and a couple other colours from this range, just because they are pretty cheap and great for when I want to just throw on something quick to go to the shops or to lazy around. 

Swing tops are huge at the moment, so are swing dresses, but I think they might just be a little too cold for the upcoming months (despite the fact I adore this oversized swing dress from Missguided maybe with a leather jacket, some suspender looking tights and boots? Might have to buy it and see!). Anyway I seem to be loving a bit of chiffon at the moment and purchased the pink top from F&F at Tesco for only £8! It comes in a range of eight different colours and it's so comfortable and light. Again would look great with a leather jacket (going to have to invest in a new one as I just sold my old one due to it now being too big). These leggings from New look are my most worn item in my whole wardrobe and I've had them ages but you can get a similar pair on the New Look website. This red swing top and high waisted jeans are both from who currently have a 20% student discount (not sure when it ends so grab while you can!). I am so happy with these jeans as they are the first pair of jeans I've bought since having Tayla that actually fit so comfortably without falling down or being too tight and they were only £12, so thumbs up to Boohoo on that one! 

Jumper time; both are from Primark for the miraculous price of £6 each! I hardly ever go into Primark, as I hate that everybody seems to have the same clothes all the time (hence why I shop online a lot) but these caught my eye. I'd been looking for a couple of light jumpers and these are both quite baggy and loose fitting so they are perfect for lounging around and also for a bit of cover as it gets colder. I love the marl effect on both of them but the grey one is my favourite due to the lace detailing on the shoulders. It is quite an oversized jumper so I'd recommend getting the size down from your normal size just because of length. I also bought a blue vest top from primark for only £2.50 but didn't photograph it as it seems to have disappeared in my jungle of a room.. 

There's my little cluster of basics for now, I'm sure to buy more when I next go up town, they never go out of style, especially the vest tops! 
Hope everyone has had a great weekend xo.

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