Monday, 7 October 2013

Quick Fix?

Ah horrible weather = horrible skin! Well for me at the moment it does. I've been waking up with dry cheeks and a bit of a spotty chin, not having the best of weeks. I will admit I've been neglecting my skin a bit as of late, keep forgetting to do my daily cleanse tone and moisturise. That and this weather just makes me want to laze around in my mamas all day, so much for that weekend sun being here to stay hey? 
  I was in Tesco on Saturday and was on the lookout for some face masks just to revive my skin a little, try and make it back to normal. I was looking for those anti-stress £1 ones that come in the single use packets (cannot remember the name of them but they do loads) but Tesco didn't sell them :(. As I've said before, my Tesco has quite a big make up and skin care section so I knew I'd find something. 

This one is for 'dry and thirsty skin' supposed to be a mega moisture gel (as you can see on the bottle). It was £4.99 in Tesco for a 100ml bottle, they also sell it in Boots for the same price. The bottle says it has Hyaluronic acid, which replaces moisture and helps provide deep hydration to skin, Vitamin E which is full of antioxidants to keep skin in good condition and Collagen which will help retain moisture and elasticity. So all in all sounds pretty amazing for only £4.99!

It comes out as a white cream, you just put some on your fingers and rub it all over your face, leave for 5-10 minutes and wash off with a damp cloth (you guys know the drill!). I'm pretty pleased it's multiple use as can use as little as you need, there's nothing worse than having to cake it on because you don't want to waste any. It's not greasy and it smells quite good too which is always a plus. After the 10 minutes (probably left it on a little bit longer, was cleaning my bathroom while it was doing it's magic!) my face felt really clean and refreshed. I can't necessarily say how well it works to stop dry skin in the long run, but my cheeks definitely feel smoother! 

As well as dry skin the also do the following:
For stubborn blackheads and blocked pores.
For dull, lifeless skin in need of a pick me up.
For red and sensitive skin.
For oily and spot prone skin.

So in other words, there's something there for every skin type! I might have to try the brightening peel mask and the calming clay as I do suffer from both problems from time to time. I'll let you guys know how they are of course :)

Have a happy Monday! xo.

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