Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The perfect FIT

Okay so I may have slipped up and also somehow found a new bottle of foundation that had plonked itself into my basket at Tesco (I don't actually spend as much time there as it seems, I promise!). After my Rimmel stay matte foundation sample review I decided to purchase it as I became quite attached. But, as I've mentioned, my skin's been pretty dry lately and I've found that the mousse formula seems to be making it look worse so I thought I'd try for a new liquid foundation.
On my Tesco wander I was drawn to a big sign that was crossing out the usual price of £7, marking something down to £3.99 so naturally, I had to go and have a look and I found this!

It's the  the Maybelline FIT me foundation. The website doesn't actually have the shade I chose on there, but they've got them all in store and a handy little chart that shows you what concealer you should be using going by your foundation colour. It's in a funky little glass bottle and I think it'll last me a lot longer than the tiny Rimmel Stay Matte tube that's already a quarter empty after the short time I've had it.

It comes with a pump applicator, so it's a lot easier to actually get out, but careful as you don't want too much to come out at once! This is what it looks like (right) out of the bottle and it did scare me as it's quite light. Luckily it's actually very close to my skin tone and just gives it a subtle glow which is always a good thing, nobody likes the oopma loompa look! It does give an even coverage (I used my foundation brush though, wouldn't recommend a sponge as it's quite runny and would just soak it all up) and it doesn't make you too shiny like some liquid foundations can do. Also it's really light and you barely feel like you have any make up on at all! 
The only problem I have with this compared to the stay matte is I do still need concealer with this foundation, which I don't have any of at the moment so I've been using the stay matte as a concealer for under my eyes. 

Time for me to rush around getting Tayla off to nursery, have a good day everyone :) 

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