Sunday, 13 October 2013

Moisturising in the shower, who knew?

Apologies for the lack of posts the last few days I've been ill and every time I sat down to write I just didn't have the enthusiasm for it! Darn weather's giving me a cold and it's one of those horrible head colds so not had the best of weeks.
If you read blogs regularly like I do you'll have seen the Nivea in shower body moisturiser on many blogs, I first saw it on one of my personal favourite bloggers pages (Dizzy Brunette) back in July and I've been meaning to get round to trying it. You'll never guess where I found it......... yep! That's right! Tesco beauty section! Ahh I really need to stay out of that shop.. I've spent more money on make up and skincare since they opened that I've ever spent in Tesco combined!

Here's what it looks like :) It's a pretty huge bottle and was half price at only £2.49 the perfect time to buy it! I'm sure you can buy this pretty much anywhere from Asda to Superdrug so it's really accessible. As for the stuff itself it strangely comes out like sun cream.. But it doesn't exactly rub in like sun cream or smell like it (which I was disappointed in I love that smell). I've been using it just over a week now and I must say my skin does feel great! And those little dry patches I've been getting on my arms have disappeared so I'm going to give Nivea the credit. 
It's definitely worth buying as it does wonders for your skin and it's really easy to use just rub on like normal shower gel then rinse it off :) The only problem I've had is that you need to make sure it's all off or you will end up with little dots of it, scared the hell out of me when I saw these white spots on my feet the first time I used it! All in all I'd definitely recommend buying and hopefully your Tesco has it on half price as well and you can snap up a bargain!

Hope you all had a great weekend off out for food, the Carvery is calling me!

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