Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Out with the old, in with the new!

From the title, you might have guessed I've been buying more things I probably shouldn't be. But in my defence I did spend way less that I'd intended to. You might have remembered a while back I was complaining about my skin and how I was on the lookout for a new cleanser, toner and moisturiser for the winter to fight the miserable freezing rain and the bitter winds. In fact here's that post here - Daily Skin.
I did quite a lot of research and I was all set on buying from Lookfantastic.com but it ended up on being near on £60 for the products I was looking at and considering I have a child and it's nearly Christmas, I had to refrain. But, I found these little gems when I was out shopping the other week.

First up the cleanser. This can be found at Boots for £4.99 Now I've been getting on pretty well with my Bright eyes eye cream from Good Things (review can be found here: Good morning bright eyes) and thought that I'd give them a chance on cleansers as well. The words 'fresh start' caught my eye as that's exactly what we all want in the morning, a fresh face for a fresh day, am I right? I love the fact that all Good Things products are free from any bad toxins and crappy stuff that might be sneaking their way into other products (not saying they are but can never be too sure when you have sensitive skin!). It's got 'super fruit extracts' which apparently boost your skin and get rid of all that nasty dirt and make up residue you might have not had time to take off the night before. It's a pretty creamy texture and you just rub onto a dry face in light circles for a minute then gently wash it all away. Although it's quite a thick formula, it's not actually one of those cleansers that stick to your face and are a nightmare of scrubbing to get off. Another plus is that it smells pretty amazing, as I've found is a constant with Good Things products. After washing off it does what it promises - your skin feels boosted, clean and ready for the day! Definitely would recommend.

Now the toner. This was also from Boots and only £3.99 for a 200ml bottle! This has actually got to be one of my favourite toners that I've used. It's the usual drill, pour some onto a cotton pad and rub all over your face and let it dry. It gives your skin a real tingly feeling after you've finished and it gets rid of any excess dirt your cleanser just hasn't reached, which means it can be good for a quick fix if you don't have much time to be thoroughly washing your face in the morning. It says it's triple active meaning it gets rid of any impurities, is for sensitive skin (yay!) and leaves it 'velvety smooth'. I must agree with all of these points. It just makes my skin feel oh so clean (even after the cleanser!) and it doesn't make your face feel dry or tight after use like I've found with quite a lot of toners. Again it smells pretty great, can't really explain what it smells of, but it's good. Another one I'd recommend and at only £3.99 it's a steal.

Another pink bottle! This one was from Boots at £5.99, so the most expensive of the bunch but still really cheap. This is from Garnier's new moisture match selection and this is the one for dry skin. It rounds out my purchase at a perfect 10 for all three products! It's a really thick formula so you only need about two pea sized amounts for your whole face which is really good as the bottle is only 50ml. I'm always a bit worried about moisturisers as the creamier ones I usually go for usually leave your face feeling really really greasy but this one does the opposite! It absorbs into your skin really quickly, leaving it feeling silky smooth, it's even sorted out the oily bit I have on my chin so I'm pretty darn happy. The only downside to it is it did sting a tiny bit around my eyes but I do have a cold at the moment, so that might have just been because my eyes are already a little irritated. Besides that I think it's a really good buy and they also do four others;

Which is perfect for 'lacklustre' skin and gives it a healthy glow.
For those of you who have combination skin which can get a bit shiny throughout the day.
For normal to dry skin to give it a smooth hydrated feel but not as intense as the one I bought
Perfect for dull skin that needs a little pick me up, might actually try this one myself.

All together the products only cost me £14.97 which is perfect as they're things I really needed but couldn't really afford to splash out on and also they've turned out to be perfect for me!

Have you found your new winter skincare products? Or are you going to stick to your tried and tested favourites? Let me know below! xo.

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