Friday, 20 September 2013


Yes I've been fuelling my habit once again. I bought more eyeshadows.. I was sorting through my single eyeshadows the other day and realised that I actually, in my obsession I have bought two of the same one.. of which I have a mini one in my everyday pallet. Ah well, can never have enough I suppose!
This pallet is from a wonderful new brand I found whilst looking at blushers in Tesco called Vivo. They don't do a lot at the moment, but what they do have is amazing. As I'm a little low on funds at the moment I only got two things, first of all is the blusher;

This one is the 'peaches and cream' and I got it for £4.99 which isn't so bad because it's pretty big. 
This is the swatch. It's not the most noticeable of blushers, but for my skin it works quite well. Because it's a baked blusher its quite light although it does last quite a while throughout the day. I am actually wearing this blusher in my previous 'Stay matte to stay?' post, just not a great deal as my brush is a tad crappy. I think I might have just found my new blusher for winter! I couldn't find the link to this exact blusher as they only seem to have the 'rouge shimmer' on their website, so apologies!

The other thing I bought is this baked eyeshadow pallet;

This is the Vivo baked shimmer pallet in Paparazzi. It is out of stock online but I'm sure the bigger Tesco's will have it as mine did. It's £6.99 in store which isn't too bad for four eyeshadows and another blusher! 
Okay so I haven't actually used this blusher on my face yet because it seemed really pink in the pallet, but it doesn't look too bad on my hand so will give it a go! The four eyeshadows can be used together or apart, it's up to you. They do have a guide on the back of the box (which I forgot to photograph last night I'm sorry!) but I've found that the pink goes nice as a base with the purple as more of a liner colour. I haven't actually used the green and black yet either but the swatches were done from one sweep in the pallet, so I think I'm going to have to be quite careful with how much I put on or it'll look way too dark. I mainly bought these because I love the patterns on the baked eyeshadows and they just caught my eye instantly.

There are two more of the eyeshadows in this range with the added blusher, so I'll no doubt be buying them when I've got the money to fuel my addiction! 

Has anyone else come across Vivo? What did you think?

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