Monday, 23 September 2013

Daily Skin

I've been having a bit of a block on what to post about recently and completely forgot I had planned to do a daily skincare regime post after the My everyday post a couple weeks back. So here it is!

From left to right: 
Skin system facial wipes 

Wow when you write it all down it does seem like quite a lot.. I have reviewed a couple of these products before so will just touch on them briefly and include links for anyone who missed the previous posts. 

First of all the cleansers;
The ocean salt is an exfoliating facial scrub which smells amazing. It's by far my favourite Lush product and makes my skin feel amazing. This is strictly a once a week product as the lovely lady at Lush told me, you are only supposed to exfoliate once a week at most otherwise you will dry out your skin and nobody wants that now they? It's obviously all natural products, made with sea salt, grapefruit infusion and (the weird one) organic lime extracted in vodka among lots of other things. I've been using this product for over a year now and think it's going to carry me well into the winter! The one on the right is the Fresh pharmacy daily cleanser. You just wet your face, rub all over and then rinse off! Easy as pie :) It's great for a quick cleanse when you don't have a lot of time and I use it everyday without fail. And the amazing thing is I bought a 150g portion back on my birthday which is in the middle of June, and it's barely gone down at all. Well worth the money.

I haven't featured the toner or bright eyes cream as I've previously reviewed them in My everyday and Good morning bright eyes. The steam cream I have also previously reviewed, but felt like having another little rave about it. This pot was bought in April time and as you can see I've still got quite a bit left! It's a new all-in-one natural moisturiser that's really light and promises to keep your skin hydrated all day. It can also be used all over the body and for your hands as well so it's a pretty good all rounder. This charity pot was an impulse buy to support one of Lush's charities. I have previously bought the big pot of it which is £8.75 for 95g or £12.95 for 240g. I love this product but when I bought it before I kept forgetting I actually had it and of course, it went off. I tend to use this little trial pot for these annoying dry patches of skin I get on my arms and it seems to be working pretty well. I also haven't featured the wipes as these are just some cheap ones I picked up in Wilkinson's for sensitive skin. They're good for just wiping over your face after using cleanser to make sure there's no make up residue left.

That's my everyday but I am running out of all of these and have been looking into new more high end products for winter. Those harsh icy winds dry out my skin something chronic! After googling around I've picked out a cleanser, toner and moisturiser that I might have to try soon. 

I've never tried any facial products from any of these brands before and going by the customer reviews they sound like what I'm looking for. Check back for a post on these soon! I'm going to stick with my ocean salt for an exfoliator as the rest of that pot will last me at least another month yet. 

What products do you think are best for Winter this year? 

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