Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A/W 13 the edit: Bags

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday had a bit of a 'me day' which really just means I took Tayla to nursery then had a not particularly girly afternoon of playing the Xbox, (not playing GTAV like the majority of the world though!) we've all got to love a little gaming now and again. Spent the last week taking note of all the bags I've seen that have caught my eye and have a selection of Saves and Splurges for you all!

The Satchel.

Left: Save - Dorothy Perkins £22
Right: Splurge - Cambridge Satchel Company @Asos £116

Satchels as you all may know have been huge this year! I've seen them in every colour, every size and they go with everything! I love this Dorothy Perkins monochrome structured satchel and at only £22 it's a complete steal. All the monochrome going around lately is great as it will go well with any outfit any day of the week. This bright pink satchel isn't quite as well put with everything, but it would add a little colour pop to your outfit if you weren't too comfortable with wearing brighter colours in your clothing. It does come in a range of different colours though if the pink isn't your thing.

The Tote.

Left: Save -  River Island £45
Right: Splurge - John Lewis £329

Okay so this Ted Baker tote is really pricey, but I loved the snakeskin detailing and the winged effect is really common in loads of designs at the moment. Although it's expensive, I do think it's a wardrobe staple that would be here to stay, used for every occasion. I do love River Island's bag range, I always have. The blocks of colour on the bag make it stand out but the black and cream stop it from being so in your face.

The Clutch.
Left: Save - New Look £15.99
Right: Splurge - Asos £62 reduced from £100

Now every girl needs a great clutch bag for those nights on the town. Snakeskin detailing seems to be another thing that's everywhere at the moment and I have a thing for cobalt blue. I'm not a huge fan of the clutch bag if I'm honest, I hate having to hold onto it tightly the whole time I'm out for fear of the contents flying out when I'm dancing, but this one from New Look has an optional chain strap which I like. The more pricey option caught my eye again because of the pink. Both of these bags demonstrate the colour block trend and just how huge it really is. I will admit it was quite hard to find a really expensive clutch bag that I actually liked, due to the majority being that horrible one that resembles a glasses case (you know the one I mean, with the awkward clasp at the top that is just waiting to break a nail). 

The Bowler.
Left: Save - The Fashion Bible £22
Right: Splurge - Vivienne Westwood @JulesB £194

Yep, more pink, I do apologise for those of you who don't like it! I had never actually heard of this site before, I ended up just typing bowler bags into google as I couldn't find any I liked on my usual sites and found this one! I like the gold stud detailing and how you have the option for a long strap or a shorter one. I don't necessarily think I'd buy this bag, just because it's so so pink, and I don't entirely know what it would go with, but I do love it. Ahh the splurge. I love Vivienne Westwood, as soon as I hear the name I see that dress Carrie Bradshaw almost got hitched in in Sex and the City.. ah dream dress... Anyway, enough drooling. I love the pastel blue colour of this bag as I've read that pastels are going to be carrying us into the Autumn this year. If I had the money to splash out there would be no stopping me buying this bag.

The Cross Body.
Left: Save - Oasis @House of Fraser £28
Right: Splurge - DKNY @House of Fraser £120

More colour blocks! But it's not pink this time. Bright pillar box red is another colour I've seen creeping back in, but mainly in accessories or that perfect red lip that everyone is on the lookout for. Although this is similar to the clutch bag above, I think this one is a little bigger and I'd more likely use it for daytime or a special occasion such as a wedding. Okay, now this DKNY bag is tiny (despite the fact it is apparently an across body bag). It's really tiny, you'd probably fit nothing in it and it would not be an everyday essential I'm afraid, but I just love it. It's the plum! So in for this season and it's so cute with the quilted pattern and the gold chain effect. I wouldn't buy it, just because I'd be afraid of it sitting in the back of my wardrobe gathering dust, but it's pretty darn lovely.

So that's the bags done. Has anyone found one they are completely in love with for this season? Check back next week for more on A/W 13. Not sure what item I'm going to be researching next week just yet, if you've got any requests leave them in the comments and I'll do my best :)

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