Saturday, 14 September 2013

Taking the plunge..

You may remember a few posts ago I did something about the hair colours of autumn and was talking about dying my hair ginger. Well after many weeks of umming and ahhing I actually went and bought some dye today!
Here's the stuff. I bought the Loreal casting creme gloss in Amber number 645. I've never actually used casting creme gloss before but I have used Loreal so I figured it'd be fine. The only thing I found particularly worrying about this brand was that you had to wet your hair first before applying it. I'm really used to the 'apply to dry, unwashed hair' dyes. 

This is the colour as it's dying. I was really scared at this point as it actually comes out purple. As in really plum purple. The whole way through the application and waiting time I was panicking I'd end up with purple hair, which don't get me wrong I probably wouldn't have minded but wasn't what I was going for! If you've dyed your hair before you know the drill; apply all over and leave to develop for the stated amount of time (although I always leave it on ten minutes more as my hair can be stubborn!). 

Aaaand this is how I ended up. Thank god it's not purple. It strangely washes out orange.. very confusing. Anyway, it's no where near what I was hoping for, I wanted something a lot more ginger than this has turned out but I suppose it's a good platform for next time. The conditioner and dye smells really really nice but for some reason the Loreal treatments never make my hair as smooth as the Clairol Nice 'n' Easy. I have a random streak of blonde on the right hand side, not sure how that happened but it looks kinda cute! Hopefully next time I will be more orangey!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday :)

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