Sunday, 15 September 2013

Baby Lips

The cold weather is upon us. Days and nights of harsh winds, blistering cold rain and hopefully (but not like last year) some snow. This is the time when your skin really takes a hit from the weather and if you're like me your lips end up so chapped you end up spending too much time picking skin off your lips, not a pretty sight and it can be quite sore too! I'll end up sticking to my trusty carmex for when stuff gets really bad, but for now I've found a new obsession.

These seem to be a new craze at the moment. They are super hydrating lip balms with the promise of up to 8 hours hydration. I don't think it necessarily lasts for 8 hours but it's still pretty good. There are 6 different ones to choose from. I currently have the Peach Kiss:

This smells amazing. Something like a sweet I used to have when I was in school.. I just can't remember the name of it. It might be Tooti Frooti's. This one doesn't leave any colour stain that I can notice, but my lips are quite dark naturally so might show up on others. I bought this one from Superdrug for £2.99 but they're on offer 2 for £5.
I also have the pink punch:

This one smells a tiny bit like raspberry, it's subtle, but really nice. This one, unlike the Peach Kiss does stain my lips a bit. Don't be scared off by the barbie pink colour, it's a very slight hint of pink that it adds. I bought this one at Asda for an introductory price of £2.50.
I think these are amazing little lip balms and I have actually been using them really often and at such a cheap price they're worth it!

This is the whole range and can be bought from most stores selling make up.
I love the fun colours! I may have to buy up the rest of them, I'm bound to lose at least one at some point. In fact I'd lost the Pink Punch before I started this post, total scatterbrain!

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