Friday, 13 September 2013

September GlossyBox

Last month I was scrolling through Facebook as usual and saw a Birchbox advertisement. I hadn't heard of beauty boxes before and was pretty interested in the idea of getting 5 possibly full size samples  every month. I spent hours reading reviews of Birchbox and Glossybox and decided that Glossybox looked like it would have products I'd actually use, so I thought I'd give them a go.
You receive one box a month for £10 plus £2.95 P+P which is a pretty reasonable price considering the contents!

This box is the London Fashion week edition. I love the Union Jack flag on the box and the little pictures on the tissue paper just give it a real unique feel to it. Plus the box is a real good quality so it could be used again for storage or something (probably a place for my ever growing eyeshadow collection).

Onyx eye liner from Be a Bombshell Cosmetics
Full size $14 (which is about £8.85)

This is actually the full size eyeliner which already has nearly added up to the price of the whole box. It's a felt tip liner and I must say, I don't use these very often as I'm quite partial to the gel liners, but I was quite surprised. I haven't actually tried it on my eyes yet as the box came at stupid o'clock this morning and I haven't done my make up yet. But it's quite a fine point and it's easy to create a straight, un-smudged line as you can see in the swatch picture. 
Would I buy it? Probably not, as I've never thought that felt tip liners last long enough compared to the gel ones, but it is a pretty good product.

Original nipple balm for lips from Dr Lipp 
Full size £11.50 for 15ml

This is only the sample size of about 3ml (so about 2ml actual product 1ml air) but you don't really need a lot of it. This is 100% natural and according to the leaflet, can be used on anything from lips to burns and even as last minute shoe polish! The product itself is quite sticky but a little goes a long way. You wouldn't want to be slapping this on like gloss. I've had it on for about an hour now and I can still feel it and my lips do feel less chapped. 
Would I buy it? Maybe, but at £11.50 a bottle it does seem a little expensive. Depending on how well my lips react to it by the time I've finished the sample, I may purchase it in the future. Although it is only an in store kind of purchase and stockists are available on the Dr Lipp website (link above)

One set - £5.06

Another full sized sample! Well, it would be a bit hard to only give you a mini sample of eyelashes really, wouldn't it? Again as the box came so early I haven't actually tried them yet but I'm very optimistic. The reason normal eyelashes don't stick to me as my eyelids seem to react to the glue and they just fall off, so these pre-glued lashes will be a god send. 
Would I buy it? If they stick to my eyes, then definitely! 

Elizabeth Arden Untold perfume from  Debenhams
Full size £48 50ml and £69 100ml

Obviously I didn't get a full sized sample of the perfume (Glossybox can only be so generous!) but I love the fact it's actually in a small bottle, not that stupid little swab where you can't actually tell if you like the smell or not. It's just so cute! And I think this will actually last me quite a while as it's a very classy scent, something only used for special occasions. I'm rubbish at describing fragrances but the leaflet says it has a fruity introduction with a radiant floral heart. It's such a nice smell! It's a tiny bit like Victoria Beckham's intimately for her which I lived off of when it first came out. 
Would I buy it? I would love to! But the price of perfumes is extortionate nowadays, so I think I'd only be able to get it if I had vouchers or wouldn't say no to it as a christmas pressie.

Full size - £7.19 for 30ml

This is another full sized product! It's the limited edition serum from Toni&Guy for frizz control with lightweight shine. This sounds like a pretty good product for me as my hair is quite static when first dried. You just rub 1 or 2 pumps into blow dried hair, running your fingers through the lengths and avoiding the roots. I apologise it's another product I haven't actually tried as intended but I have squeezed a bit out into my hand and it smells lovely. Bit like the smell of walking into a salon when all the products and serums hit you (in a good way though..) It's a clear oil like product and I am a tad scared as oils make my hair particularly greasy.
Would I buy it? Well, considering my hair's fussiness probably not as I tend to waste quite a lot of money on hair products I never end up using.

Also I received A Glossybox magazine 
This is their first magazine and features interviews from Angela Scanlon ('one to watch' blogger, tv presenter and writer on Vogue's list), a two page spread of A/W 13 trends and 24 hours in the life of designer Mara Hoffman. 

All in all I'm pretty darn pleased with my first Glossybox and definitely will not be cancelling my subscription just yet! In total (not including the samples) the contents of the box cost just over £20 so already double the price of the box in the first place, so quite reasonable!
Check back next month for the review of my October Glossybox, which I'm hoping might have some sort of Halloween theme as I love Halloween!

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