Wednesday, 4 September 2013

MUA Madness!

Okay so remember me mentioning my little splurge on the MUA website the other night? Well it's finally all here! I was a bit wary of ordering make up online, as I didn't want to end up with any broken pallets but each item came individually wrapped in bubble wrap, so no need to worry at all! My only thing about this is that I had to wait about a week from making the order to actually receiving it. It's not a big thing, but I'm not the most patient when it comes to waiting for post.. Anyway here's what I bought, all unwrapped :)

First the eyeshadows: my make up obsession.
Left to right - MUA pearl eyeshadow £1 each
Shade 9
Shade 4 
Shade 2

I actually have about ten of these little eyeshadow pots now, they are pretty amazing, in fact most of my eyeshadow is MUA, come to think of it (may do a post on them all at some point!). I love purple colours and as mentioned in the last post, plums in for Autumn! I expected the first shade to be really really dark so was quite pleasantly surprised. The lighter purple is more lilac, but still pretty nice and I was happy with the white shade as I've bought quite a few before and they've not shown up at all. I actually think these would look pretty nice all together for a smokey eye, shall have to try this out.  

Left - Exclusive Collection
Right - Trend setter

I mainly bought these because I liked the pattern.. I'm like a magpie for pretty things. I usually try and steer clear of these baked eyeshadows as I don't want to mess up the pattern of it, which yes I know sounds silly. The one on the left is pretty similar to the bronze/ gold ones I already have, so might not be using this for a while. I quite like the other one as it's sort of grey but with a purple hint to it so this will be getting used through winter :)

I'm really trying to get into lipsticks as my lips usually look really pale after all my make up's finished. This is the fashionista double take lipstick in Atomic Tangerine. Now I know what you're thinking, 'tangerine'? Who wants orange lips? But it's kind of a blush pink colour, make up names never match, I think they do it to throw us off.. I haven't actually tried it on my lips yet as they're pretty dry from the hot weather, going to have to stick to my Carmex for a little while longer.

I'm always buying new eyeshadow brushes, might be my laziness so I don't have to clean them so much but hey! This one is pretty good quality, despite the £1.95 price tag and none of the bristles pull themselves out as you're applying. I've read somewhere, think it was a Crownbrush blog, that applying lipstick with a lip brush gives it a smoother look, so again at £1.95 I thought, 'what have I got to lose?' It also splits so the bottom half acts as sort of a case which is handy for on the go! As for the primer, I haven't actually used it yet as the box came after I'd been out so my make up was already done, but it was reduced from £10 to £3 so can't complain, and it's always something I've wanted to try.

This is a part of MUA's £1 nail polish range (I love how cheap their website is!) and is in Coral blush. I think I picked the wrong one, as I was looking for a pillar-box red kind of colour, but it's pretty nice. Excuse my feet, my fingernails are actually painted black from the weekend still and I've ran out of nail polish remover :(. Unlike other cheap nail varnishes I've bought, this one is pretty darn good. It's not thin like most I've got and the colour's really vibrant.

I did also order the cream blush in blossom, but for some reason it was crossed off of my order, I think they'd ran out of stock. So still on the hunt for a nice cream blusher that won't make me look like a rag doll. Now for the amazing bit, all of this only cost me £18.20 including postage! So if you're on the lookout for some inexpensive but still great quality make up check out the MUA store online or in Superdrug :)

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