Thursday, 5 September 2013

Facing the fear

With a blog title like that, I bet you were expecting something like rock climbing, conquering heights blah blah blah, but that's not what I meant I'm afraid! Sorry if this disappoints :) Now, I'm all for trying new things and would never say no to a sample, but I have a fear of.. what for it.. tan. Yep, I admit it, I'm scared of fake tan. I dye my hands, can't apply it properly, apply too much or apply too little, whatever I do; it never looks how it should and whatever could go wrong, will. It's come to the point where I find it way way easier to just live with my ghostly pale legs. I know I could get a spray tan, but it just seems like a waste of money and I always think I'm going to come out resembling Ross from friends. And just in case you've been under a rock for many years, this is what I mean:
This is not a good look for anyone. 

Anyway, getting on to the point of my post, I'm an avid Cosmo reader, and I got a free sample of the Nip+Fab 365 Body Glow Fix clear tanning gel in the August issue. I know this was a couple months back, but I only just found the bottle last night when I couldn't sleep (never drink cranberry red bull before bed..)

Here is the bottle, quite a good sample size if I'm honest, although out of the 55ml, a quarter of that is probably air. Nip+Fab isn't actually a brand I've heard of before, but I thought I'd face my fear and just try it out. Oh the things boredom and inability to sleep will make you do.
As it's a clear gel, I was quite relieved that I wouldn't end up with that horrible stained look on my hands. Yes I know I could use a mitt, but I don't attempt tan often enough. It does have a weird smell to it; kind of fruity mixed with something I can't quite put my finger on. But the smell doesn't last long so not really a big worry. One thing I didn't like about it, is that it was quite sticky and that feeling did last about an hour, especially at the back of my knees. It doesn't seem to transfer mind you once it's on, as I have white covers and they were (thankfully) still white when I woke up!

This is the finished result. I don't think my legs are actually this long, I'm only 5'5 after all.. I didn't put much on as I didn't want to be too dark. The bottle says 'sun kissed glow' which I do actually agree with, my legs do look a bit 'sun kissed'. I did only use it on my legs, so can't comment how well it works on the rest of your body, as I thought I can cover them up if it goes horribly wrong! 

Don't know if you can see properly, but it did still streak near my knee. This is probably my fault as I'm such a tanning amateur, but all in all it wasn't a bad result! Funny smell aside I would recommend this product for a subtle tan, and I might just finish off the bottle. I don't think this sample has completely conquered my fear, but I definitely would try it again. 

The full size bottle is 200 ml and is £9.95 from Asos. You can buy it from Boots too, but their silly website is down at the moment :(.

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