Monday, 12 August 2013

sale style picks

So we know that the summer sales are in full swing at the moment, everywhere you look there's that huge red sign that fills us with joy and our bank balance with dread. I think the sales have been pretty good this year, I swear there have been more sales than any other year, especially online! Thought I'd just share a few of my favourite sale style picks of the season.

                                                        Skirt - was £16.99 reduced to £11.89
                  Denim panel leggings - was £16.99 reduced to £8.49
                         Dress - was £26.99 reduced to £16.19

I actually do have the leggings (bought them a while back for full price) and they are quite comfy, with a high waisted panel, although I got a size smaller than I usually buy with jeans as I've found that missguided's leggings are a little big, but hey not going to complain about fitting into smaller clothes! I've also asked about the dress and unfortunately the cups are not padded but have been told that it's quite well fitted so you probably wouldn't need a bra :) (I know this is always an issue with me when buying backless/panel tops and dresses)

Dress - was £37 reduced to £18
Top - was £24 reduced to £12
shoes - were £75 reduced to £35 

I am in love with these shoes completely. But I'm afraid I'd just buy them and they'd sit pretty in my wardrobe as I don't really tend to go anywhere that warrants heels often. I love a good casual dress and at only £18 I think this one's a bargain, especially as this could be worn in autumn as well with a nice pair of boots and cream jacket.

Skirt - was £16.99 reduced to £7
Shirt - was £24.99 reduced to £13.99

I've been looking for one of these skirts for ages, and I love the fact it's got little polka dots on to make it a little unique :) I think the shirt's very on trend about now as I'm seeing neutral colours with a little neon colour pop everywhere!

These are probably the three sites I shop on the most and besides, there are so many sales I've been browsing that if I posted my favourites from all of them you'd probably be reading this post for a couple of hours.. so I'll just leave you with a few links to some more great sales:

It's what I always tell myself!

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