Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sneaky little savings

As I'm having a bit of a cash flow problem myself lately, (damn nursery is so expensive!) thought it'd be a good idea to share with you how I can still afford to indulge my online shopping habit. By the way, what do we think about the new layout? Give me a quick comment below! :)

1. Social media
Some websites actually have their own facebook/twitter pages, this can be a great way to find out about  what's going on. Many times they'll post a link to the sales a couple of days before they become live to non-fans and you all know there's nothing like a sale to make a girl feel good about burning the plastic ;).  They also post quite a lot of competitions, I know this can be a long shot at times, but you still have a chance and might even get vouchers or free clothes out of it!

2. Unidays
If you're a student, then this is the site for you. Just put in your details and the year you started and when your course ends and then they will add you to the site so that you can claim exclusive discounts off of certain sites. It might not look like there's a lot of sites on there, but they are partnering with new companies all the time so just keep checking back for new perks :) Some sites like Missguided and Miss Selfridge even let you have the discounts off of sale items!

3. Mailing lists
Okay, so I know we're all prone to hating the 'junk mail' we get via ordering with certain websites and I'm no different. But, with sites like Ark and Fashion Union they often send you exclusive codes for free delivery and discounts that wouldn't be available if you weren't signed up. One of my favourites (this happened to me last week) is New Look. I opened up my emails last week to a 'We miss you' email from the New look team, they actually gave me a 20% off discount code as I hadn't shopped there online in a while, talk about incentive! As if we needed any to shop in the first place, but money off is not something to say no to in my book.

4. Stockists
Now we all have our favourite sites that we browse through all the time and I know many of us are reluctant to change once we've found good quality in a site. I know it can be hard once you've found that perfect dress or bag to not hit 'add to basket' and checkout straight away, despite knowing it's a little out of our price range. I've found, especially with Asos and other sites similar that they stock different brands and are, majority of the time selling the same thing as the brand's main site, but for a cheaper price! (and you get a 10% student discount at Asos with unidays to make it even better) Another site I've found that are like this, is Bank. I was in desperate need of a Paul's boutique bag last year (I just love their little charms!) and found the exact same bag I was looking at on sale in Bank for a quarter of the price! See? It is good to shop around.

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