Saturday, 17 August 2013

Enrapture rollers review

After months of talking about them non-stop and looking at tutorial videos on youtube, I finally took the plunge and bought some of the beautiful Enrapture hair rollers! I was very excited about these especially seeing as the retail price is usually £74.99 and I managed to get them for only £32 here at Tesco Direct! They were out of stock for quite some time so I recommend snapping them up now while they're £42 cheaper.

So here they are :) 
The box comes with 10 larger sized rollers and 10 medium sized rollers. Apparently the new duo technology in these stops them from being too hot to touch, but me being the numpty I am decided not to read the instructions about turning them off after they've warmed up and managed to burn my hand.. only me. There's a little LED screen on the front panel that tells you when they're ready to use, heating up took probably about a minute and a half which is faster than my straighteners!

This is my hair before - quite limp and lifeless after being shoved up so it didn't get blown about to much in the horrible wind we're having here today.

This is me with the rollers in, looking great, I think this look may catch on you know! I did have some trouble with putting the rollers in, but this is the first time I've ever used them and expected a little bit of difficulty :) You start with the top in a 'mohawk' kind of strip as these will need the most time so they can create volume. I didn't really use a specific size for each bit, but the bigger ones I'd say are better for the top of your hair and medium for the underneath. You roll them all up and then leave them in 'til they get cool - probably about 20 minutes altogether.  I would say this is a lot harder to do when you have layers as the hair doesn't all stay together as you're rolling. I found it easier to twist the hair first then roll it up.

This is the final result!
So I feel like a Barbie doll. In a good way though :) It's created loads of volume and quite big waves and curls, although some parts could have done with being put in better. I ran my fingers through my hair and brushed the tops just to control them and stop them flicking all over the place.
The backs of my hair did fall out really quickly but I don't think I'd actually rolled them properly so only myself to blame! I then sprayed a bit of the Elnett supreme hold hair spray just to make sure they hold.

All in all I am extremely pleased with this purchase and definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some heated rollers. Well worth the extra money than you pay on normal cold velcro ones!

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