Friday, 23 August 2013

A day in food

Trying to have a little bit of a health kick at the moment, what with all the hot weather, I don't see how people can still be eating big heavy hot meals! Think this was actually last week, as I've not actually moved off the couch this morning, kind of wishing I was one of those greek Goddesses with people cooling me with the huge leaf fans (think they were leaves..) but I doubt that will ever happen. Anyways, onto the food!

You can't go wrong with a bit of fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, it's light, it's healthy and it will fill you up 'til lunch (if you don't constantly think about food!). This was simply just some berries tossed in a bit of natural yoghurt with some honey :)

Okay now I'm not always one for salads, I think they're quite boring to be honest. My mum could strangely have the same thing everyday but I tend to not eat the food if I find it boring, which yes I know is quite weird. But, saying that I found these chilli bruschetta bites (they're croutons, no matter what the packet says!) from Tesco and they added a little more flavour to the dish.

Yep, more veg! But I absolutely love a stir fry at the moment. I find beef's better than chicken, but I'm quite fussy with my steak so chicken's usually easier. Quick and easy, pretty much anyone who knows how to work a frying pan (or wok if you have one) can make it. This one was also a sweet chilli flavour, I think I have a bit of an obsession with chilli at the moment. But we can't be healthy all the time so I had to add some prawn crackers to the side, just to have a bit of crunch.

Urm so pretty much nothing to do with beauty or fashion whatsoever, but we all like to keep healthy once in a while don't we? If you are interested in food, then give my Instagram a look as I seem to be one of those annoying people who constantly photographs food (although I only started it recently so there won't be much on there). I'll also be posting some fashion and beauty pictures on there and pretty much anything I find mildly interesting, just like everyone else!

Hope you have a great weekend in what I'm assuming will probably be our last heatwave of the year :( But bring on those autumn fashions!


  1. Mmm everything looks so good! Please post some recipes! <3

  2. good idea, I love cooking so keep an eye out! :) x