Thursday, 29 August 2013

My everyday

Morning everyone! Realise I haven't done a beauty blog in quite a while so thought I'd take the typical blogger plunge and show you what I use everyday at the moment.

So this is my everyday hair styling equipment. On the left we have my Andrew Barton blown away hairdryer and on the right my Andrew Barton straight answer straighteners. These two are my most trusted tools (as well as my enrapture rollers which are becoming a favourite) and I've had them well over a year, which means they are a little faded and battered in places, but they still work perfectly (even if I could do with cleaning them more often!). Also we have just a normal clip for separating my hair as it's irritatingly thick somedays and the Scwarchzkopf (think that's spelled right!) Guardian angel heat protect spray. This is quite a new product of mine, and I love the smell of it. Despite this though, I found that I can only spray on the lengths, any higher than my ears and it makes my hair greasy :(. 

My everyday make up!
I apologise for the darkness of the pictures, my room's like a cave in the mornings. Okay so looking at it all together, it looks like a lot, but I can actually do my make up in about 15 minutes on a good day.

Top: Breath of fresh air toner Lush
Steam cream moisturiser Asos
Bottom: Max factor eyelash curler (savers) 
My trusty UBU brushes (see my post on them Here)
Barry M eyeshadow brush Superdrug

Yes, I am one of those girls, like many others, who has a little lush obsession. It's not as bad as when I first went in there, but anyone who's been in knows, the smell in there is just luring you in and makes you buy stuff. Bath bombs are my downfall.. Anyway, this is the Breath of fresh air toner, I used to use the tea tree one, but I found this made my face feel dry, this one however, is pretty darn good. It cleans your face as well as tones, even if you think you've gotten all the make up and dirt off your face, this will surprise you! The steam cream I did originally get from Tesco, but I found that there are so many more different tins on Asos, so I think I'll be buying from there in the future. It is £13 so not the cheapest, but definitely affordable. It's can also be used as a body moisturiser and it just makes your skin feel amazing, so I recommend it highly!
As mentioned, I've written a review on my UBU brushes previously, but I do tend to use them everyday (excuse the foundation brush, it's in need of a wash!). I also have my Barry M eyeshadow brush which I use for if I want a quick application of one colour, I did have a superdrug own brand one, but the hairs were pulling themselves out with every use so that unfortunately had to be thrown away. I also have my max factor eyelash curler which I did get from savers for £2 (you know I love a bargain) which I'll admit I only use when I remember to. The blusher brush is quite old and I don't remember where it's from, I really need to invest in a more high end one, it's just finding the money! Ooh also the little black one is a Maybelline eyeliner brush that I got with the little pot of eyeliner. Not sure if you can buy this particular brush separate though.

These are my base products, I think I have a bit of a thing for Natural collection! It can be found at Boots. The foundation is pretty good, I have sensitive skin so when I find a foundation that doesn't make me break out I tend to stick with it. Plus, this range is really cheap, which is useful when you've suddenly realised you're running low. Only problem with this brand (particularly the powder and foundation) is that it doesn't tend to stick to your face in terms of lasting very long. And the blusher doesn't tend to show up very well, but that might just be the little amount I put on. I have the fear of looking like a rag doll with those bright rosy cheeks.. The concealer is amazing, it's the Miss Sporty (yes I am the drugstore make up Queen) liquid concealer. It's quite light, but it works wonders on those puffy dark circles that I'm a victim of.

Again apologise for the dark picture. These are my everyday eye heroes. I have the collection 2000 gel eyeliner, I used to use the Maybelline eyeliner pot, but I'm trying to be good and actually pay attention to my make up's use by dates. I'm sure none of us pay as much as we probably should though. It works just as well as the more expensive one although I wouldn't rely on their supplied brush as it's teeny. Ah my MUA pallet. I would probably buy up every single one of these if I had the money, they are amazing. I did actually have a little Mua/fashionista splurge last night online, so will do a post when they are delivered! This pallet is the glitter ball pallet and has both daytime and nighttime colours in. My go to colours are the silver in the top right corner mixed with the pale pink in the top row. I must buy another one of the white as my darling daughter decided she'd try to scoop it out with my old brush.. 
Again with the cheaper make ups, I have the collection 2000 longer lash mascara. I have tried so many of the £7 to £15 priced mascaras and I can honestly say that none of them work as well as this one does. And it's not clupmy like some of the others! 

Well there you have it, my everyday make up and hair styling tools. It will probably change as the weather does as I need more moisturising foundations etc etc so will have to keep shopping around. Have you used any of these products? What are your favourite make ups at the moment? Would love to hear!

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