Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What I Ate Wednesday (7.5.14)

I'm sorry that these seem to be the only posts I'm posting right now, but I've been so busy lately! Got a holiday haul video coming up soon though so stay tuned :) 

Breakfast was once again berries with some porridge :) I have Quaker Oats original mixed in with cinnamon and almond milk, just to make it a bit more flavourful. I'm really missing red currants though..

Was at work today, so lunch was this wholewheat pasta and chicken salad from Asda. Actually, it was surprisingly nice for a pre-made lunch! Not enough chicken, but there never is in these things. I've been instructed to eat no bread by my trainer so my new favourite cheese and chorizo baguette from my local coffee shop is out of the window!
 I also had a natural brazil, almond and sultana snack bar.

Dinner was my all time favourite spice packs; the Nandos Lemon and Herb rub! I definitely recommend baking these, do not fry them, the seasoning burns off onto the pan and it ends up tasting really plain. I had it with sweet potato mash and veg. I made a huge portion of veg so I could half it with tomorrow's lunch (which is chicken cous cous and veg!) 

Despite the fact I am on a very healthy diet for the next month (as well as Grenade capsules which I'll be reviewing after a few weeks) I need my chocolate fix. To be fair this is a banana pancake made with three quarters of a banana and an egg, so it's pretty healthy, all but the small handful of chocolate chips I added for flavour. We all need our chocolate though! 

What did you eat today? Leave yours below! 

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