Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

Ahh another Wednesday, another food blog! 
I must say, although I love fashion and beauty to the ends of the earth, I do love writing these food blogs! I spend so long perusing the internet for recipes and pictures of food on Pinterest.. I think I may have a problem. Now before you think I was on a huge fruit craze today, I ate nothing but sweets and burgers and chips yesterday so I kinda had to be good! Anyways here's my food for today :)

Breakfast was, despite the misleading photograph, porridge! I have the original quaker oats wholegrain porridge which I add cinnamon too. I then had a few handfuls of berries, some nuts and a pinch from my seed mix. It's so so yummy! I actually weirdly now look most forward to breakfast, which come 2 years ago I never even used to eat, let alone class it as my favourite meal of the day!

Lunch was a tuna salad wrap, I did mix this with a tiny bit of mayo, but I've come to the conclusion I'm just really not a fan of it anymore! I also had a bowl of fruit as you can see. I have a very very weird obsession with bananas. I like crave them constantly, and I have no idea why! (Before any of my friends suggest, no I'm definitely not pregnant again! I used to crave things I hated while I was pregnant with Tayla, like pickle sandwiches.) Either way, I suppose it's better than me craving so much chocolate. Damn my sweet tooth.

For a little pre-gym snack I had some earl grey tea (of course) and a tiny bit of my chocolate heart I got for Mother's day. I've recently decided I need to get back into reading more often, I'm a huge geek so I read quite a lot but I tend to leave big breaks in between reading books so I've started this new series! Which I aim to finish before I go on holiday in June. It's only 3 (biggish) books, I can do it :).

 Dinner was old faithful, my lovely stir fry. Today's was beef with Chinese Bbq sauce, which I must say is definitely my favourite, I could have eaten this twice quite easily. 

Dessert today was supposed to be a crumble.. I layered some peach slices at the bottom of the ramekin and then added some raspberries and strawberries then a bit of granola mixed with golden syrup. It um, yeah wasn't cooked completely when I took it out of the oven after 7 minutes.. in my defence, my oven usually cooks things at warp speed. Even though it was just warmed through, was pretty tasty for a failed dessert! 
I'm also probably going to have one of those Ritz chocolate's when I go upstairs, they were on offer in Tesco so it would have been rude not to!

What did you eat today? Feel free to leave your links below!

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