Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Anatomicals face mask time!

I have mentioned before, my skin has issues. It's always dry then it's fine, then it gets spotty and it's literally unhappy three weeks out of four. I'm always trying new face masks, I don't know if they actually work, but I always feel better after a long soak in the bath with a face mask on. 
This time I've tried the Anatomicals range.

My face has been pretty oily lately, which is weird for me, as it's not usually the oiliest. But I thought that this 'Grease isn't the word' mattifying face mask would be good! It smells pretty good, and you get a lot in the packet, and considering they were about £1 from Asda, that's more than worth it!
The only problem is, this;
You end up looking like you've just tried your hand at being Shrek. It does come off pretty easily, just need a bit of a scrub. It does make your face quite soft and it did stop it from feeling greasy, so if greasy skin is what you suffer with, then I'd recommend this!

I can't resist a bit of chocolate. Whether it's to eat, in a face mask or whatever. I just love chocolate. This is supposed to be an anti-stress mask, and to be honest, if sitting there inhaling chocolate doesn't de-stress you, I don't know what will! Although.. you may end up feeling pretty hungry.

Once again, there's loads in the packet so you end up covered in the stuff. And it did kind of make my bath water a murky brown sort of colour, but it doesn't stain, so don't worry. It does actually look like you've smeared chocolate mousse on your face, but I'm guessing it unfortunately doesn't taste like it.. It's a bit like the chocolate face mask from Lush if I'm honest, but for like 5 times less the price. 
Again, my face did feel soft, but I don't know whether it's because I'm having a bit of a spotty week, but it did feel a bit stingy when I first put it on.. It was fine after that though, probably just my skin being weird!

Anyone else found any good face masks lately?

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