Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What I ate Wednesday #2

Seeing as last week's WIAW was actually my most viewed post ever, I assume you all liked it! 
Here's this weeks.

Um I may have actually forgotten I was doing this post until halfway through my breakfast.. in my defence it was nearly 10 and I was starving! Same as last week, I need my tea in the morning, usually in my amazing Breaking Bad mug! 

Considering I've been asked to write a food diary by my trainer, I probably shouldn't have had this Subway.. but it was just calling to me after I'd dropped Tayla off! I did have the brown bread and I did actually end up swapping the crisps for an orange, so I can't be moaned at that much, right? 

This was actually last night's dinner, I completely forgot tonight! My memory is awful.. But I did have pretty much the same thing as this tonight. It's sour cream paprika turkey steak with sweet potato chips and veg. Was so so so filling and lovely! 

I did also have a muller light peach greek yoghurt and of course more tea.. Completely addicted. I'm even drinking tea whilst typing this.. I may have a problem. 
Second session with the trainer tomorrow at the gym, I'm going to do a little post on this on Friday for any interested!

What did you eat today?

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