Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Steal her style - Jennifer Lawrence

Anybody who knows me quite well knows I am completely in love with Jennifer Lawrence. I mean who seriously trips up the stairs at the Oscars because she couldn't stop thinking about cake?!
She's done so much in the short time she's risen to fame and seeing as how she's such an amazing woman, with an amazing sense of style I thought I'd do a quick profile on her and some of the outfits I've loved on her.

This red maxi dress was the one she wore to the 2011 Oscars, made by Calvin Klein. I love how she could go to something so Hollywood and posh and get away with a simple red maxi dress! I couldn't quite find one the same but the similar (above) is from Asos and comes in at only £55. I know I wouldn't look as amazing as her in it, but a girl can dream! 

I love this green dress on her, it really suits her skin tone. I don't know who this dress is by, but she wore it to the Hunger games signing back in March 2012. I think this dress, again from Asos is quite a similar copy, especially with the plunging neckline! It comes in at only £65 so is quite a steal for such a beautiful piece. 

This is more of a casual look on her, which I've recreated using Stylefruits.co.uk
It's similar to an outfit I saw in H&M's store window last week, only that was with a white blazer, which, in my opinion would brighten up the outfit a little. The link to the items in the outfit can be found here. I quite making my own little outfits on there, it's a good way to see what goes together if you aren't too sure on trying something new. 

Thinking about doing this for a couple more of my favourite celebrity women, what do you think?

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