Thursday, 6 February 2014

Birchbox #1 January 2014

So this is my first Birchbox, I realise that the majority of you beauty box subscribers have already gotten yours and have read loads of review on it, but ah well, here's mine. 
First impressions on the box is it's considerably smaller than that of Glossybox, although this definitely didn't mean less in quantity! I received 6 items as opposed to the usual 4 maybe 5 items I'm used to. Also the Birchbox leaflet tells you all about the products and how to use them.

First up is the Lavera hand cream. It contains organic shea butter and almond oil to protect and nourish winter hands. I don't personally use hand creams, I just have no need but it smells quite nice and did make my hands quite soft. This is probably a product I'll pass on to my mother and her ginormous collection of hand creams.

Second is the Itsu Miso Soup. I must say this one was a surprise to get in the box, but I have seen Birchbox giving away chocolate before so there you go. I did actually try this last Wednesday and umm.. yeah, did not like so much, okay, AT ALL. Yes it's only 42 calories and yes it's all healthy and what not but nope. Do not like miso soup.

Another body lotion from Bee Kind. Cute name but I'm really not a fan of body lotion, I buy it, try it and then never end up using it again so find it a great waste of money. This one smells of lovely lemon (one of my favourite scents) and actually is one of few body lotions where a little goes a long way. A little bigger than a pea-sized amount actually did my whole leg! 

This is the 'blanc cachemire, crème de jour protectrice' which is a moisturiser from as you might have guessed; France. It's a protective day cream that retails at around £54.75 so this was a pretty good sample! I've been using it most days over the past week and my skin definitely hasn't succumbed to drying out during this harsh, horrible, dreary weather that needs to go away already.

The Phillip Kingsley moisture balancing conditioner was a great surprise. I love haircare products as I'm always trying to find new things to refresh my forever dyed locks. It smells lovely and although I was very pleased to receive it, my hair is pretty long now, and pretty thick so this did about a quarter of my hair and I used my Vo5 on the rest so I can't quite say just how moisturising it is. 

The star product of this month was the Benefit POREfessional primer. I am ashamed to admit this is my first benefit product! I just can't afford the brand :(. I did love it, and it keeps my make up staying all day long and does actually give me a smoother look. But, on the downside if my face is dry, it does tend to feel a little like it's rolling off and flaking up if you know what I mean, which you probably don't as that was a rubbish way of explaining what I mean. But even still, I like it!

The verdict for the first Birchbox: 8/10. I like all the products (except the soup) so I'm definitely glad I switched over, looking forward to what I get next (well this) month!

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