Friday, 10 January 2014

What's in my bag?


This is my new bag as featured in the Presents post. As promised I've taken all the junk out of my bag to show you what I carry around on a daily basis at the moment. 
Excluding the few wrappers you can see in the top picture (oops!) this is the contents of my bag. I have really bad circulation in my hands and gloves are a must, right up til April time! I think I got these ones from Asda a couple years back and they've done the job and lasted quite a while. Always need a little pack of tissues and deodorant in your bag. I also always carry my hairbrush, which I'm in dire need of a new one as you can see it's a bit battered. My purse and umbrella are both from New Look (of course) and are also quite old, although I do get a bit bored of my purse sometimes. Another must is my carmex, especially in this cold weather. I also always have my FCUK glasses and my passport as it's my only form of I.D, I really must get a provisional licence.. 
The little owl keyring is from Clintons and is so cute! I'd just like to point out I don't always carry cinema tickets around with me, they're leftover from going to see Paranormal activity last weekend, as are the sweet wrappers!

Bit of a rambling post, but there you go. What's in your bag? 

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